photo courtesy of erin stokes

photo courtesy of erin stokes


Erin Stokes, Staff Writer

Dear Color,

    You colored my heart a pale periwinkle, and my eyes the color of dirt. And when I am happy you make me a gradient of yellow to rose. You paint the emotions of my heart. When I cry I’m blue, and when I’m scared I’m grey. You are the reason I love in pink. You are the reason we fear the sun going to rest. And the reason we fear death because we don’t know the colors that come thereafter. Without you there is fear, and without you we become grey. And oh, how scary the abyss of darkness can be.

    Oh color, what would we do without you? Who would paint our emotions red or blue? What would attract bees to the flowers? Or attract yellow hearts to help the blues? Color, you paint our world. You are the pale pink that kisses the mountaintop after the sky fades to black. You are the red of cold cheeks and burnt skin. You are the reflection of the sky onto our eyes, and the deep green of a clean Earth after rain.

    We paint our lives in oils, and we mix them until we feel what they feel. We use you as our medium and life as the canvas. We use red to color our anger, blue to color our tears, and yellow to color our happiness. And we mix our primary colors to feel orange and to feel purple. And when we cannot paint you paint our lives for us.

    Color, we don’t know why we see life through your lens. But we are grateful. We are grateful for the comfort your light brings. We love to see the world through rose-colored glasses when we fall in love. No one asked you to color our world, and you colored it anyway. I thank you for coloring our sky blue, and our hearts periwinkle. I thank you that dancing can paint us yellow, and holding hands can make our hearts pink. At this time of year I hold you, I hug you, and I thank you.


my dirt-colored eyes