With each New Year's Day, people all around the world make what they call “New Year's resolutions.” If you ask around, you will most likely hear people committing to “work out more,” or “work harder on schoolwork.” But as the year goes by, do people keep these whim-of-the-moment goals?  Very often, the answer is a big “Hah!” Here then are some tips on choosing and actually keeping your New Year’s resolutions!

First off, why not make a list? It can be useful to take some time before bed, a couple weeks before New Year’s, and write down some ideas for my resolution. Don’t be goofy, think of things that could really help you. Ideas for you to consider are enhancing a skill (drawing, writing, running, singing, etc.), working on self-behavior (cease to curse, be more kind, be less rude, etc.) and of course grand goals for perhaps writing a book or running a mile in under eight minutes. What we should be doing is comparing these resolutions to a year-long goal that we wish to achieve. I like to write down a couple then take the time over the next week or so to write down more ideas that pop into my head throughout the day. By and by, by the end of the week, I do what I call . . . Elimination!

Next, all you really have to do is cross off your least favorites -  a minimum of three. Look at what you have left, then circle the top two that you are either willing to do or seem like a good choice for you! Take a moment to think about which one you are really wanting to do. Ask yourself these three questions; “Is it going to benefit me?”, “Is this something I am genuine about doing?” and last but not least, “Will this change me for the better?”

Lastly, the part you need to focus on is keeping it throughout the year. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, I assure you. With your new goal, you need to set a schedule for it. Let’s say it is doing better on homework. An example of setting its schedule would be setting time aside after school to do homework. You also need to push yourself with this, you need to give it effort. You can’t merely sit down at a desk, then go off and do something else. Get your homework out, work on it, finish it! It’s a great habit to have either way. Or maybe it is working out more, again set a time and place! Choose how many times a week you will do it, and what days. Organize your goal to help you out.