AF Recreational (Rec) Basketball is fun for anyone who plays: You’re able to create your own teams, it’s competitive, and fun. Registration for goes until November 8, but you can sign up later if you pay a late fee ($5). For grades 7-12 it costs $80 to register. If you don’t have any other friends who want to be on a team but still want to play, you can just register and will be put on a random team. The high school league for boys is 10-12 grade. The 10th grade girls team is combined with the 9th grade girls team and 11-12 grade girls play in the same league.

The boys season is November 27th to March 1st, with 7 season games and a tournament at the end of the season. Games are once or twice a week on weeknights from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Games are at American Fork Jr. High, Mountain Ridge, Lone Peak, American Fork High School, etc. The girls season has 8 season games and a tournament at the end of the season. Regular season games are Tuesday-Saturday 6:00pm-10:00pm at American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, and Saratoga Springs. Besides your teammates, you have a head coach, and possibly an assistant coach. You get to choose who your coach and assistant coaches are when you create your own team. Coaches can be dads, adults, or just students who aren’t playing on that same team.

By letting participants create teams you can make an unstoppable roster full of everything you need to win. Much like the Golden State Warriors, your team can destroy your friend’s teams and dominate the league. Another reason why AF Rec is so entertaining is because these super teams have upsets or crush other super teams just like in professional basketball. Playing sports is already fun, but being able to play on a team of your friends is also very enjoyable. Even if you are not on a self-formed team you can make new friends with other students from local schools.

Dylan Lomeli (20’) said, “I really like playing the other kids who go to our school. It’s a lot of fun being competitive and having fun with your friends.” Dylan’s team played and won the championship last year. Josh Weichers (20’) stated, “I just like playing sports with my friends and it’s always a good time, win or lose.” AF rec is the ultimate battleground to end or start rivalries with your friends and other students at your school. One of the best things about AF rec is the diversity of the players. There are kids of all skill levels playing so it doesn’t matter how good you are because there are a lot of other players all with varying types of players. Another great thing about AF rec is that you can improve a ton on your skills through practice and in games. Because the league is smaller and not extremely competitive you have the opportunity to hone your skills as a player and be better.

What you need: all you need to do to play is to register at and have basketball shoes. If you’re playing on a team with your friends, you need to print off a roster from their website and turn it in at the American Fork Recreation Center. Besides doing your team roster, you also have to register individually on their website as well as turn in your team roster. The other thing you need is a good attitude. Everyone is there to play basketball so staying cool and being kind is essential to having a good time.

AF rec basketball is so much fun because so many students here at Lone Peak (and at rival schools) can all participate in a sport that everyone likes. AF rec is a good basketball league for all types of players where you can develop new skills, meet new people, and play with your friends. If you are looking for a winter sport to play this year I highly recommend you play AF rec basketball.