App Reviews

By India Hayes - Staff Writer

Evernote: Evernote is an app to stay organized. For the writers, teachers, or anyone who wants stick to their To-do list. Evernote is a note taking app. It is similar to bait-and-switch, except Evernote is free. Evernote makes is easy to stay organized with their scanning tool, you can scan your documents and never have to look for papers again. Plus you can share your notes, documents etc with your friends.

Storie- video storytelling: This app has created a community for filmmakers, or anyone at all to share their videos. You can create multi-clip videos, and post them straight to your profile all from the app. It's a great way to discover new interests through videos,

Simpliday: This app is not only a calendar, but also reminders and email. You can plan your whole week through the app. If you are busy, or just trying to get organized this can help. With an easy overview of the things you have to do, plus reminders it's almost impossible not to stay organized.

Ever: This app is helpful if your out of storage on your phone and have a lot of photos. With ever you can upload all of your photos onto the app, and never run out of storage. You don't have to worry about losing all of your photos. You can log into your Ever account on any device.

Bands in Town: this app can connect to your Spotify, iTunes library etc.. to find the artists you like, and notify you when they stop in your city. You can track any artists you want, see if they're on tour, see where their closest show is. It's fun and helpful to all of the concert enthusiasts, and to anyone who is trying to see their favorite band in concert.