Apple vs. Samsung

By McKell McIntyre - Social Media Editor

Everyone’s been buzzing lately about the release of both the Apple Iphone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Users have either voiced their roaring approval or their contemptuous disdain. It’s an ‘either you love it or you hate it’ scenario. With so many different online polls and conflicting statistics, it's interesting to find out which company Lone Peak students prefer. During any given lunch period, it’s easy to observe many students with an electronic device. I set out to find which of the two leading competitors, Apple or Samsung, is most popular among this wild lunchtime crowd.

First I caught up with Heather Stoddard, a junior at Lone Peak. Heather, who is an avid Samsung supporter,said, “The Samsung Interface is very well put-together and easy to use, unlike Apple where sometimes it’s a little bit less user friendly. With Samsung it’s a lot easier to find the apps, especially compared to Apple’s new iOS 10 update which made it more difficult for Apple users. I actually used to have an Apple device but ever since I’ve switched to Samsung I’ve had fewer issues and glitches.” Although Stoddard had nothing but good things to say about Samsung, our polls indicated that she was was among the minority with 27% of Lone Peak students who support the company.

Most students prefer Apple devices. Oakley Thacker said, “Apple is very ambitious in what they do, and very innovative while creating new things and inspiring other companies to continue to work hard. I think [the Apple interface] is wonderful; the updates can be hard to adjust to, but I love the simplicity of iOS 10. Samsung is smart and keeps working to improve, but Apple definitely has the lead right now.” The polls back up Oakley’s statement, with a staggering 73% of students choosing Apple over Samsung.

Although our poll indicated that Apple was the clear winner, the results may have been different prior to the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Company’s most recent release quite literally “blew up in their face”. After 35 incidents of overheating and the phone combusting, Samsung announced a recall on all Galaxy Note 7 phones worldwide. The recall has been detrimental to the company’s quarterly profits and has also led many users to “jump ship” and abandon their Samsung devices, switching over to Apple. The recall also exploded on social media, sparking numerous memes and hilarious Halloween costumes that feature a burned face and melted phone. A somewhat unlikely fear has caused many to abandon the company completely, even if their device is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Although the Apple iPhone 7 (which was released in September) did face some opposition to the removal of the headphone jack and other features, it has experienced more success than its competitor. Many say the recent incident with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will leave the field wide-open for Apple. With Samsung dealing with the recall and refunding of customers, while simultaneously facing a lawsuit, Apple has the chance to take the lead.

Overall both companies, though vastly different, offer attractive features to all customers. Although most Lone Peak students prefer Apple, as shown by our poll, you honestly can’t go wrong with either company. Depending on personal preference and desired features, it can be difficult to decide which phone is right for you. Just remember to not let labels play a role in deciding; look over the features carefully and you’re bound to find the phone of your dreams.