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By Cannon Farr - Web Designer

As all of the students know at Lone Peak, Mrs. Rhonda Bromley is the best principal known to earth. She is nice, energetic, and loves and supports all of the students.  The Crusader has found that a lot of students want to get to know Mrs. Bromley more. As a result, The Crusader is excited to announce the addition of  a new column called Ask Bromley. Every issue, we take questions from students around the school and direct them to Mrs. Bromley.. Be prepared to experience the world inside Bromley’s brain!



The Crusader: How was your first year at The Peak? What happened?

Bromley: I loved my first year as principal and I have loved each year since even more. I quickly learned that first year that the best part of being a principal is being able to work with amazing students. I love interacting with the students every day in the halls, in classrooms and in my office - the Principal’s Office at Lone Peak is a great place to be!. I found that when I go to activities and watch students compete or perform, I get a lump in my throat because I am so proud and I know how much time and effort has been put in preparing for the event. I nicknamed those as “moments.” Every time I would tell my husband or the other administrators that I was “having a moment,” they knew that I was teary eyed somewhere watching Lone Peak students!

The Crusader: Who is your inspiration in life?

Bromley: My inspiration in life is my family. I have a great husband and six amazing children. They make me smile every day and remind me what it’s all about. I love how supportive they are of me in this job. I have a great big picture of them in my office. They all love Lone Peak and are “Knights For Life.”

The Crusader: What is your shoe size and where do you get all of your awesome heels?

Bromley: My shoe size is 8. Ever since I was in high school I have always been short. My heels and my 80’s hair style add 1-2 inches! Unless I am in running shoes or slippers, I’m usually in heels. I can even sprint in heels so don’t ever try to run from me. Who has time to go shopping? I buy most of my heels online.


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Photo by Michael Spencer