Lone Peak High School prides themselves on many things.  Ranging from its academics to its many sports teams Lone Peak has a lot to be proud of, among them being the Lone Peak Basketball Team.  This team works very hard year-round to live up to the “World Class High School” title.
    Everyone is familiar with the bright lights and hard hits of football.  When the season ends, and the Friday night games are over, fans are left desiring entertainment.  What some don’t know is that just after the ending of the football season, another great sport emerges.  Full of just as much excitement and action as football, basketball offers the same intensity while shielding fans from the cold winter months.  
    Becoming one of the top teams in the state isn’t easy.  The team runs drills, conditions, and play pickup games every chance they get.  Coach Evans, the current basketball coach, gives a little more detail on what exactly the team goes through each basketball season.  “We basically train all year-round,” Evans explains, “We do weights and skill development.”  There are many boys who dream of being on a sports team, but some don’t realize the amount of time and effort these boys put in to become the best they can be.  Each player is remarkably dedicated.  One-on-one time with a coach is hard to come by, and a luxury that many on the team don’t get.  Despite the best efforts of the talented coaching staff, it is impossible to divide themselves among the many players on the team.  Yet the team still experiences remarkable success—a testament to each individual’s dedication to the sport.  
    The coach and players aren’t the only ones who excitedly look forward to the start of the basketball season.  McKell McIntyre, a Lone Peak basketball superfan excitedly exclaims her joy of being in the stands during a basketball game, “There is nothing quite like going to a Lone Peak basketball game, decked out from head to toe in Lone Peak gear, screaming the cheers at the top of your lungs, and feeling the bleachers shake while hundreds of feet stomp as the clock ticks down to zero.” If you haven’t been to a Lone Peak basketball game you are missing out.  With all the time and effort the team puts into each game, students should go and cheer them on and show their support.