It’s the season of sledding and we’ve found the BEST places to sled that are still in Utah. This sport originated from Egypt, where men would slide down sand dunes for construction purposes. Then people in Northern Canada thought that was a good idea in 1883, and turned it into a form of entertainment, instead sliding down snowy hills in the winter. And now, in 2017, we can find just about anywhere to sled.
    If you travel north to Ogden, the east to Pineview Reservoir, you’ll find a little canyon that is closed off in the winter that is open to sled down. It’s free to get into, so you can show up with as many people as you want! The distance is around 3-4 miles is you want to go cross country skiing.
    Now up by Big Cottonwood canyon, you’ll find an assortment of sledding hills. There are numerous hills you can sled down. You have to travel around 9 miles up the Big Cottonwood Canyon. This too is free, and there’s parking and rest rooms as well. There are streams around there, and most are frozen but just in case watch out.
    But the best place to sled is in Lindsay Gardens up in Salt Lake City. It has the steepest hills, a great view of the city, and it 100% free, unless you want to reserve the whole park. This park is around 15.25 acres, and includes an off leash area for dogs. This is a wide open space in the middle of a city, unlike all the other locations. Most good sledding places are in a canyon or in a remote place, but Lindsay Gardens is actually close to civilization.
    These are just a couple of hills that are great for this snowy weather. There are so many more within 20 minutes of Lone Peak, but these are the best of the best. The ideal time to sled is up until March, so get your sledding in now!