Illustration Courtesy of Cade Hollingsworth


James Mills, Staff Writer

    It’s one of the most spectacular movies of late 2018, and people are still talking about it. Over 45,000,000 different Netflix accounts have watched Bird Box making it the most-viewed Netflix original in any given week. This film is on a roll, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

    Bird Box’s plot is refreshingly unique:  mankind begins seeing an unexplained entity that takes the form of their worst fears, giving whoever sees it the sudden and compelling urge to end their own life by any means necessary.  The only way to stay safe, it seems, is not to see at all, thus the blindfolds. As the movie begins, it seems as though the majority of people have been taken down by this malignant force, which first seemed to manifest in Eastern Europe and Russia but quickly moved to the United States.  Several people in Sacramento, however, are living with one another to survive during this horrific event and are trying to get to safety in a community none have been to, or even heard of, before. Their only directions: Down the river, follow the birds. Sandra Bullock was a brilliant choice to play Malorie. The main character and Bird Box could not be the movie it is without her riveting and believable performance.  But while Bullock is notable in her role, there are those who have been giving even more praise to John Malkovich for his portrayal of Douglas, the grizzled pessimist with arguably the best lines in the film.  (While hiding out in a big-box store in the middle of another heart-pounding crisis, Malkovich’s Douglas quips, “This really is the happiest place on earth.” California Rocker, 2018).

    The overall production value of Bird Box is incredible; the mood created by the filmmakers is dark and dystopian (it was filmed in and around Los Angeles, which may explain that :)  It’s also believably portrayed, enough so that if something like this scenario was actually to happen, you believe that it would look like that.  They made it as realistic as it could ever be.

    While Bird Box is one of the best Netflix originals to date, it has, unfortunately, spawned one of the dumbest but most popular trends in our time: The Bird Box Challenge. In Australia, Netflix originally partnered with four Twitch streamers in performing what they called a Bird Box challenge, in which they would play some popular video games while blindfolded. However, the challenge has since turned into a global internet meme in which participants wear blindfolds while trying to do day-to-day activities. In response, Netflix has released several messages over social media advising people not to undertake the challenge, as reports of injuries started to come in.   

    Quick IRL fact: The film uses footage of the Lac-Megantic rail disaster, which caused the death of 47 people. A crude oil train derailed in the town of Lac-Megantic, Canada. The Bird Box director has apologized about using the horrific footage, but refused to remove it even when asked numerous times.

   If you have not seen Bird Box and are interested in seeing it, just sign into Netflix and pull it up. If you are not 17 or older make sure you ask for parental permission. And if you’re reluctant to watch it because people say its “too scary” or anything else like that, search up on YouTube “Is Bird Box scary,” or ask a friend or parent if they have seen it. Bird Box is honestly not scary, it’s just a really good movie that actually contains a lot of meaning that we could use in our day-to-day lives.