When you think of Black Friday, most people think holiday shopping and getting all their Christmas shopping done with great deals. Originally, Black Friday started out something completely different. It had a much darker meaning; The term Black Friday was used by the police in Philadelphia to describe the chaos that would take place the day after thanksgiving as shoppers and tourists would flood the city to go shopping and to prepare for the army-navy football game that Saturday every year. The police would take extra long shifts to deal with the bigger crowds as it also brought a lot of shoplifting and crime. In 1965, Philadelphia merchants tried to change the meaning of Black Friday to Big Friday. Over the years, Black Friday has evolved it the point where the sales are not on friday at all. In fact, most of the sales start on Thursday. Most of the ads are online weeks before the sales start. There are Saturday and Sunday sales and most recently Cyber Monday sales. Its ones of the biggest seasons in retail. The lines tend to get longer and people get more stressed out. Every time someone is in a sale, it's keeping the employe from their family.  They will have their items come in on a thing they call a pallet. They will wrap it up so no one can get to it then they will open it up allowing it to be a free for all. Black Friday is also very dangerous cause when they open a pallet it can lead to people fighting and shoving which can lead to injury. Often times they organise it more where it becomes safer and less fighting to get the item.