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      Do you hit the stores on Black Friday? Open your laptop and find your favorite stores? Well, statistics say you will. Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. It’s the beginning of the holiday shopping season, starting with great deals for gifts to your loved ones. Although Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year, a lot of controversy surrounds it. One of the biggest controversies concerns safety and health risks. People are out of control on Black Friday. Things will and do get ugly. Whether you’re shopping in stores or online, Black Friday is a fight for the best deals on the best stuff.

  1. Many retailers are not going to be 100% honest with you. One of the reasons why many people are scared to go Black Friday shopping is because they feel as though their money is being stolen through fabricated “deals”. Retailers will use advertising tricks.  Before you decide to buy, look into the deal and compare it to last years. You’ll see a lot of the same deals they had the year before. This is okay for some items like furniture and toys, but typically not for electronics which should get cheaper over time/as new technology emerges.

  2. Black Friday can be dangerous. In the past 11 years, 10 deaths and 111 injuries have been attributed to Black Friday. This includes stampedes, car accidents, exhaustion, and more. There have even been multiple shootings resulting in injury and death to customers and employees. Stay safe!

  3. Stores offer giveaways. There are a variety of ways to win big on Black Friday. Whether it’s the first hundred people in the store or the first people in line, it’s easy to win discounts and possibly, free stuff.

  4. Black Friday might not be the cheapest day of the year. Black Friday deals are beginning earlier in the year, and are staying later. Many people believe that the biggest sale day is not Black Friday, but occurs on what is known as “Cyber Monday”. This is when all the deals are great online, and is the biggest online shopping day of the year. If you like online shopping, Cyber Monday is for you.

  5. Consumer electronic deals. Electronics get discounted majorly at the time of Black Friday, sometimes even on the older models too.

  6. Employee exhaustion. Overworking employees can and will result in injuries.

  7. Manufacturers build low-quality items just for Black Friday. If you spot a fantastic deal for a high-quality electronic item, proceed with caution; it might not be the real thing. These products are known as ‘derivative products’. These are items made by the same manufacturer and look almost exactly like the standard product, but has some significant differences. To determine if you’re getting a derivative, check the model number. This will differ from the standard product.

  8. Many stores are making their online deals the same as their in-store deals. You can make Black Friday a fun night with your friends, or a cuddled up night near the fireplace.

    There are many pros and cons when it comes to Black Friday. No matter if you’re braving the crowds or staying at home, have a fun, safe, Black Friday!