Christmas is the time of friends, family, laughter, and love.  This is the time of year is full of romance and fun.  And what is the perfect way to show your love and respect for everyone you know?  A Christmas party of course!  Here a few simple, fun party ideas to get into the holiday spirit.

A Polar Express Party:  Invite your closest friends over for the comfiest night of the year!  Wear your cozy Christmas pajamas and make some delectable hot chocolate and cozy up on the couch for a Polar Express movie night! Is the movie over and you don’t know what else to do?  Storytime!  Pull out a copy of the adorable children’s story and read your friends or family the original story of the fun-loving, musical train; the Polar Express!
Crazy Christmas Party:  A personal favorite party idea is to gather a bunch of friends and family and have a Crazy Christmas night!  Dress in the silliest Christmas pajamas or costumes you can find and play some crazy games!  Need some ideas?  One game idea is Draw the Carol and have someone waiting with a list of Christmas carols and split into two teams.  Each time plays a game of Pictionary and attempts to guess the carol that someone on the team is drawing.  The first team to complete the list of carols wins! If you want to make it a little more soft and calm have the children put together a Nativity scene and sing the First Noel as they act out the first Christmas.  These are just a few fun things you can do to add to the spirit of the holiday.  
Decorating Party:  This could double as a date idea or a Christmas party.  Get friends together and decorate a small tree with whatever you have in the house.  Or you could even have a Gingerbread house decorating night with Christmas carols and funny Christmas aprons.  Decorate Christmas cookies and have a contest of who can make the cutest or craziest cookies for Santa Claus.  Either way decorating parties are a super fun and yummy way to have a happy holiday.
Ugly Sweater Party:  This party is always a treat!  Go shopping for some of the ugliest, loudest Christmas sweaters that you can find and take some cute Christmas pictures.  You can make a friend Christmas card or if you are doing it with your family then it would make a perfect family picture!  These type of parties can be super fun and inexpensive if you let go of that normal embarrassment and just enjoy the cozy Christmas sweater!
All Out Christmas Day Party: This is the party of all parties where you combine every single party and just have an all-out Christmas Day.  You really get into the Christmas spirit with this party idea and to top it all off you get to spend all day with family and friends.  

Hope this helps you all have a wonderful Christmas time.  It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” after all.  But don’t forget to remember others.  After all, Christmas isn’t just about the parties and the gift getting.  Christmas is about the service and the long-lasting joy that will carry you through into the next year.    Happy Holidays Lone Peak High School and have a Happy New Year!