Christmas is coming soon and kids start to behave to get good presents.  All well and good, but what's better than making happy memories for Christmas with a couple of harmless pranks? This is a perfect time of year to mess with family or friends—there are so many great ideas for Christmas pranks! Here are a few.

-Runaway Gift: you put wheels on a gift and have a way to make it move so when it's time to open that present it's “running away” from the recipient as they chase after it.
- Christmas Tree Monster: someone dresses up as a tree, and when someone passes “the tree” they scare them.
- Upside-Down Tree: someone puts the tree upside down then blames the Elf on the Shelf so everyone is confused.  Messy?  Yes—which is why you need to not be caught doing it.
- Batteries: put batteries with a note saying they aren’t included with gift.
- Zip-Tie Present: this is a great prank for siblings! Put a lot of zip-ties onto their gift so they have to work really, really hard to get their present.
- Cold, Hard Cash: when someone asks for “cold hard cash,” put a dollar or more in water and freeze it so they get cold, hard cash.
- Layers: get a small present and keep putting it in boxes and wrapping. Tell them it's huge and they will think you got them something big.
- Fridge Present: wrap everything in the fridge so they have to unwrap everything to make food.
These are a few of the things to do during Christmas to put a smile on people's face with the fun tricks for the holiday. This also means people take it way too far and end up getting coal, but it's still fun to do if you leave it mild.