Jon Bellion has been one of my favorite artists for a while now so I was pumped when he came out with the human condition tour part 2. I bought the tickets immediately. The concert ended up being the same day as homecoming but it was good because I got a group of friends together and we all went. The concert was at the Saltair so it was a little farther away then I would’ve liked but that’s okay it was totally worth it. 

    As we arrived to the concert we waited in the line of people to get in. It was fun because everyone had a good positive energy. The doors opened and everyone rushed in, I got to be right behind everyone with VIP passes and it was the best. For about ten minutes and then the venue was packed and it got really squishy. We waited for over an out until an opening artist came out; his name was Clark Beckham and he was so good. 

        Next was Travis Mendes and he really got the crowd pumped up. I really enjoyed him and found out that he actually collaborated with Jon on his song Guillotine. Next up and the last opener was Blaque Keyz. He was the most like Jon. My favorite part was when he free styled. It was so good and the crowd got pretty crazy when he was on stage. People started to mosh and I honestly thought I was going to get hurt cause I couldn’t breathe very well. Right before Jon Bellion came on I went off to the side so that I wouldn’t be in the middle of the crazy crowd. 

Photo By Brooke Taggart

Photo By Brooke Taggart

The lights went out and then flashes of lights and smoke came on and Jon came out. He started out with the song “He is the Same” the crowd went wild including me. The show went on and one of the things that really stuck out to me was his background- he had all sorts of different pics and videos that were really cool. He was a very entertaining performer. I loved every song at the concert but my two favorite were 80’s films and Hand of God. They were amazing. Hand of God was sung last and it was the cherry on top of it all. 

Overall I really enjoyed this concert. The Saltair was far away and I would’ve preferred to be in a bigger venue. Also I didn’t like how long we had to wait for the concert to start. The openers were really good but no one wants to sit through four performers before seeing the person they actually came to see. Jon was outstanding and made up for it all with his good energy and wonderful performance I left really happy. I would definitely recommend to anyone to go to a Jon Bellion concert.