Concert goers understand the struggle of either being too short to see or to tall and block, or sometimes you can't hear the music or enjoy the music because of the heat of other people. So concertgoers, hear is a review of the concert venues pros and cons.

The Velour
The Velour is a venue in Provo UT that host many local bands and has been the first to host many major bands such as Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and Foreign Figures. It is a small venue with many art pieces hanging on the wall that make it a unique/antique feel. I asked velour lover Natalie Abbot about her favorite part of the venue, “Oh dude the unique furniture, decorating, and the stage. Also the owner Corey Fox” said Natalie. 
It is a smaller venue which makes it more personable
If big crowds are not your thing, it only holds no more than 75 to 100 people
It does have seats on the side of the room if you need to take a break
Fun lighting
No ventilation
The sound is not always the easiest to hear or understand
It is all on a flat surface so if you are short, get there early to get a good seat
There is not parking at the venue so you would need to scope one out.

The Depot
The Depot is located in Salt Lake City UT. It is a smaller venue with the ability to still hold up to 1,200. The Depot also host many nightclubs and parties, but just like each venues it comes with its own pros and cons.
Even if it can fit a little over 1,000 people, some concerts can still be personal
It has good air circulation
It is fairly clean and kept well up
It has the ability to hold many different styles of concerts
Some concerts you need to be 21 and older because of the alcohol age
It is hard to find parking in the busy Salt Lake City
There are no seats so you must come wearing you sturdy shoes

USANA Amphitheatre
USANA Amphitheatre is a large venue that is half seats the you pay extra for, or the other half is the grassy hill that is general admission. It is  able to hold up to 20,000 people. It is located in West Valley City UT. With a big venue like this one in particular there can be some problems that occur.
There is no bad seat really, it is on a hill so that from every place you are able to see
The lawn is a fun place to lay or dance your night away to the music
It is well kept and clean
They get some great big names booked
Quite a lot of food options, even if they aren't that great
Plenty of bathrooms
The food/drink is pricey. But it's to be expected...
Traffic definitely can be bad with there being no one to lead the traffic
The sound can be affected by how far you are but throughout the whole venue you can hear the band.