Aaron Curry, Staff Writer  

Have you ever had an alarming nightmare of a scary movie you watched the night before?

This is solely because of your subconscious. It sees this particular event or thing as a threat to you and proceeds to try to make sense of it. But sometimes you may a have a random dream about something completely unrelated to your life. Think again; this is your subconscious trying to tell you something. Here are ten of the most recurring types of dreams.


Apart from “falling” asleep, this is seen your subconscious showing a big problem or issue in your day to day life. This is especially frightening because of the very realistic feeling of falling to your death and becoming a pitiful splatter on the ground.

Losing teeth

Most see this as a sign of losing control or confidence in your daily life but it can be easily fixed by installing more self-confidence, learning to go with the flow of things etc.

Public Nudity

Another horrifying event, being naked in public represents your inner vulnerability and/or fear of messing up.

Test Taking

A more rare dream, this is commonly found in perfectionists, as they put a lot of time and studying into taking a test. It can be very vivid and hard to recognize.


This can be a hit or miss. It either represents your fear of being killed or the representation that you need to make a new change in your life or a fresh start.

Meeting a Celebrity

According to my sources, this is either seen as your admiration of that person's skills or your need for recognition.


Apparently, this dream means you need to face a problem that you’ve been putting off for some time or it shows your fear of being attacked.

Cheating partner

This one is fairly self-explanatory. It symbolizes lack of trust or jealousy because you aren’t getting adequate attention.

Showing up late

If you’re consistently having dreams about showing up late, it may indicate that you are overwhelmed or you are making promises you can’t keep.


This one can be ambiguous, either showing that things are falling naturally into place or you feel you are losing control of stuff in your life.    

    As these are only ten of the most common dreams, there is an unlimited number of type of dreams you can have, including lucid dreams (a dream in which you know that you are sleeping, giving you control to do whatever you want to do).

    But watch out for the ugly side of sleep. That's sleep paralysis. This happens when your brain decides to wake you up while you are still asleep. You will find you cannot move and it's hard to breathe, but you are completely awake. During this, you may experience hallucinations. Most people don’t experience this, so you should be safe in your sleep. Sweet dreams!