The Drum Majors of Lone Peak

By Jensen Smith - Managing Editor

Leadership and service are the two words that most accurately depict the role of a drum major for the Lone Peak marching band. You may be asking yourself, “what is a drum major?” A drum major is the the student leader of the marching band whose duties include; conducting the music for the band members, being the mediator between the faculty and the students, and most importantly being someone to look up to as a member of the band. Lone Peak has two of our very own drum majors, Kirsten Hamilton and Aaron Adams. After talking to these students, here is a bit more information on what it is like to be the drum major.

Kirsten Hamilton


Kirsten also has talent as a part of the band. She plays multiple instruments including the clarinet, trombone, flute, and piano. The idea for Kirsten to actually become the drum major came from the drum major that was in place when it was her first year of marching band. Kirsten’s sophomore year  drum major really took  was so kind to her and really took kirsten under her wing. Hamilton said, “She’s the reason I really love marching band.” Kirsten has learned so much from being a drum major about leadership, cooperation, and service, and she plans on carrying those skills with her throughout the rest of her life. Her favorite part about being the drum major is seeing the students grow. There is constant improvement everyday and it is really cool to see that from her point of view.

Aaron Adams


 Aaron is the other drum major of the Lone Peak Marching Band and plays multiple instruments as well. He is primarily a saxophonist, but he also plays the oboe and the English horn. Aaron explains the the sole focus of being a drum major is service. He talked about how the most important part about being the drum major is helping the other band students in any way he can. Whether that is helping them with musically, academically, personally, or even emotionally. The drum majors are the glue that really hold the marching band together. Being the student leaders of the band, they are also in charge of how practices run and making sure all of the students are working hard and give them all tips to help them play and perform better.  Adams says, “I love the opportunity to get to know and help these students.” Aaron’s favorite part about being the drum major is that exactly. 

Photos by Jensen Smith