End of the Year (Yay)

2016-2017 was an awesome year and We at The Crusader are proud of everyone finishing the year off strong.  We'd also like to congratulate the class of 2017 for surviving high school.  Here are some articles for you!


Senior send off poem

By McKell McIntyre

I know it's tempting to rush out of here today,
To fly out to your car and pull out of the parking lot, never looking back.
But the truth is your future isn’t going anywhere right now.
This moment is, though;
Slow down, take it all in.
Some of you will never come back here.
For some, this may be the last time they walk down these halls,
These halls where we grew in stature, but more than that, we grew in character.
Stop for a minute when you reach the gym,
The gym where you held your crush close and your heart skipped a beat at your first school dance.
Remember the good times as you pass the bleachers,
The bleachers where our feet pounded as the clock ticked down to zero.
Say goodbye to that one classroom,
That one classroom, with that one teacher who made you feel at home.
These are the memories that will define us.
Those moments were high school.
Not the time you failed that test.
Or when that boy broke your heart.
Not even when you cried yourself to sleep.
Those moments, like this moment, are fleeting,
Fading into a distant memory as you drive down Timp. Highway,
As you speed on to bigger and better campuses.
On to bigger and better halls, gyms, and bleachers.
On to more failure, and more heartbreak, and more sleepless nights spent crying.
Those too will fade, as you learn and grow and become.
But not now.
Right now you are just a high schooler, walking down these halls.
Don’t let this moment be fleeting.

Newspaper Senior Send-offs

By Jessica Crowder and Alexa Nielson

Beth Erickson - Beth you are our editor and chief and LP’s English Sterling Scholar. Our class has been so influenced by you and you have always helped us so much. Thanks for all you have done for our class and thanks for always genuinely wanting the best for everyone. Good luck at BYU Provo!

Emily Charles - Enjoy life at UVU and we all hope that it is as fun as highschool was. Continue making lots of friends and have a fantastic time at college, we all hope it will be a great experience for you!

Jensen Smith - LP dances won’t be the same without your amazing dance skills. Hope you continue meeting fun new people. Thanks for being a great Managing Editor.

Kiki Crum - Have fun at UVU before you head to the University of Wisconsin for hockey and to study broadcasting. Lone Peak had you for shorter than most but it won’t be the same when you leave. We’ll see you again as Miss America 2020.

Maggie Bringhurst - The debate team won’t be the same without you and neither will the newspaper. Good luck at UVU and we hope your dreams of majoring in digital marketing come true.

Michelle Da Silva - Hope your internship at The Velour goes well and you’ll do great things in your music career. Thanks for your hard work as one of our illustrators.

Sam Kocsis - Have fun traveling the world and doing humanitarian projects. Good luck on your LDS mission in the future. We’ll miss your creative touch and amazing illustrations. Thanks for being an unreal Head Illustrator.

Selyna Dehaas - Seleyna good luck attending college at SUU. You have been an amazing Managing Editor! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine and always being positive in our class. We’ll miss you!

Caroline Anderson - Good luck at law school. Hope your professors can compare to the ones you loved so much here at the Peak. You’ll do great things.




Senior Features

By Brooke Taggart

This is Brinley Pulsipher. Not only is she one of the sweetest people (who has a goal of meeting new people everyday) but she is on the state winning girls golf team, has taken 4 years of french, and is in both the a cappella and chamber choir at our school. Although she has been offered several scholarships elsewhere, she is planning on attending Brigham Young University Idaho next fall, then onto serve an LDS mission.

Next we have Caleb Warner; he is one of the best ultimate frisbee players in the nation, has taken 7 AP classes, and plays the piano so well that he’s even gotten to accompany Timberline’s choir concerts. He is going to serve an LDS mission and plans to submit his papers soon. After that he will attend Brigham Young University Provo on a full ride scholarship from the Air Force in computer engineering.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Cassie Childs. She is a lady of many talents: she has won many awards for pole vault and has held the school record for two years now.  She is a co-president of the Be The Change club, a seminary rep, and has taken 5 AP classes. If that isn’t enough, she won a science fair and got third at the Fairfax Regional Science Fair in materials and bioengineering. She is planning on attending Brigham Young University Provo in the fall and then will serve an LDS mission and plans to go in the medical field when she returns.