Entrepreneurs of Lone Peak

By Nikki Laing - Staff Writer

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” These creative Lone Peak students did not only choose a job they love, these students created a job they love.

Jayde Parrish, Junior

Jayde’s Father is an entrepreneur. He helped Jayde, and her two sisters, Cesley and Elle Parrish, start their company Exempt Clothing. Exempt Clothing was started in 2002 in which Jayde has been helping with since 8th grade. Jayde contributes to the prosperity of Exempt Clothing by drawing designs, screen printing clothes, and participating in meetings. During these meetings each creative mind brings new ideas (such as new designs and additions) to the table. These ideas are then discussed, and narrowed down until everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Exempt Clothing started printing their clothes at the Blue Sheep Printing Shop, but now prints their merchandise in Orem. Jayde described Exempt’s merchandise as “street-style clothes.” Jayde wants to pursue Exempt Clothing beyond college. The business, Jayde feels, allows her to express herself through style. If you are interested in buying merchandise check out exemptclothing.com.


Cade Smith, Senior

Cade broke his Iphone. He did not have the budget at the time to pay someone to fix it. So, he fixed it himself. Inspired by his own hard work, Cade wanted to start his own business. He started out by working with an independent contractor at Tuneup Technology. Tuneup Technology sold him cheap parts, and helped Cade solve problems with the electronics. Cade then created Valkyrie Tech Repair. His business has repaired more than 100 iphones and other devices. Cade is thinking about building computers and other software as a part of his business. Cade cannot do all of this by himself however; he has hired three high school students to help him; two of which go to Lone Peak. Through the hiring process Cade realized that he truly loves to run his own business and do his part by buying cheap parts from Tuneup Technology, while his employees repair the electronics.

Cade is not just passionate about just Iphone repair; Cade runs his business so he can save up for his pilot license and violin. He occasionally babysits his cousins for extra money, but Valkyrie Tech Repair is the way he earns money for savings and spending.

Cade is currently working on a website for his company. He does his own advertising for Valkyrie Tech Repair by posting on social media, and he has his own business card. Cade said he has his “foot in the door” in the field of entrepreneurship. Cade wants to be the boss of his own company for his career after high school. Another option he is considering is an aeronautical engineering firm.