“Dancing is not a crime,” and neither is acting and singing (Footloose). This fall, the Lone Peak Theater Productions Company is putting on a production of Footloose. The hours of labor that go into making the school musical an incredible show is often behind the scenes. Julia Halliday and Erin Gibson, cast members of Footloose, explain the work and fun that goes into creating a top-quality musical.

Although Julia adores the singing and dancing involved in putting on a show, she claims that the best parts about putting on a musical are the “connections you make with the people you are performing with.” Julia describes the theater productions environment as one with high energy and a positive feeling.

Erin also explains that showing the world all of the things they’ve worked on is a very rewarding experience and that she loves learning new things about singing, acting, and dancing.

Putting on a musical isn’t always easy. Bumps in the road are inevitable, but the theater productions class is able to keep an open mind and work through the troubles they come across. Julia and Erin pointed out that even scheduling rehearsals can be difficult to figure out, but they’ve “managed so far and have been able to accomplish a lot.” The productions process is currently running smoothly, so the cast is “keeping [their] fingers crossed that no major problems come up.”

Hours of rehearsal add up. The cast typically puts in 5-7 hours of rehearsal per week, which rises to around 20 hours in the weeks leading up to the musical’s opening. All the extra time required after school may seem like a lot, but both Julia and Erin assert that they wouldn’t trade being in the musical for anything. Erin explains her passion for acting, claiming, “I love being able to express myself through this art.” After describing the initial fear she had for performing on the stage, Julia shares that she has learned “not to be afraid and [to] just roll with it,” even when she is pushed out of her comfort zone. She exclaims, “It is hard work, but it is such a fun experience!”

Both Erin and Julia agree that the music is what makes Footloose an incredible musical, noting the songs “I Just Can’t Stand Still” and “I’m Free” as personal favorites. They also point out that the message of the show makes for an inspiring story. Julia illustrates her love for the moral of the story, explaining, “so many lessons are taught, one of my favorites being that you are not alone in going through trials.” Lone Peak’s Theater Productions Company has worked hard to bring this musical to life, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. See the show November 15, 16, 17, and 20! The shows are at 7:00 pm for $8 in advance (showtix4u.com) or $9 at the door.