Fall is a season where good music thrives. The cold weather helps make Fall a season for warm music and lots of colors. Music can melt your heart a little bit, and during Fall it can make you feel orange. These are a couple songs that amplify Fall, run alongside the falling leaves and the smell of rain. Close your eyes and just feel it.

Song 1: Harvest Moon - Neil Young

This song starts with a melody making it hard not to close your eyes and sway. It’s a journey of nostalgia. Talking about lost love and dancing under the moon. The harmonics on the guitar melt me every time. This song gives music to the falling rain and brings love to the heart. Neil Young, a master of subtlety, includes lullaby tunes in his music making it comfortable to listen to. The harvest moon, which occurs every year around September, makes the moon a shade of orange. This song, like the harvest moon, makes you feel orange. Making the heart warm Harvest Moon is a good choice for Fall. “When we were strangers I watched you from afar. When we were lovers I loved you with all my heart

Song 2: One Too Many Mornings - Bob Dylan

One Too Many Mornings has touches of soft harmonica, light guitar, and beautiful words sung by the master himself, Bob Dylan. Dylan is a master poet, his lyrics are are deep, meaningful, and beautiful. His soft raspy voice mixed with his poetry make this song capable of melting the listener. The harmonica solos between every verse amplify the beauty of the song. Dylan makes One Too Many Mornings one of the best songs to listen to during Fall with the soft melody and power of the words. With the capability to melt the listener, One Too Many Mornings is a great choice for Fall. “It’s a restless hungry feeling, that don’t mean no one no good. When everything I’m a-sayin’ you can say is just as good.”

Song 3: Rhinoceros - Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins have the ability to make quiet music loud and powerful. Corgan’s voice, sung in a whisper, is so powerful that you can feel it in your chest. Starting soft and progressively gets louder Rhinoceros envelops the listener into the song. Similar to falling rain, Rhinoceros is a juxtaposition of quiet and powerful. When listening to Rhinoceros you can feel the passion the Smashing Pumpkins have towards their music making it a great choice for Fall. “Open your eyes to these must I lie?”  

Fall is a great setting for music. Take a drive, watch the rain, look at the leaves, and feel the music.