Friendsgiving is a twist on traditional Thanksgiving dinner where instead of eating with your family, you eat with friends. Friendsgiving originated on Urban Dictionary around 2009, and is on Merriam-Webster’s, “Words We’re Watching.”  In recent years the tradition has become so popular that grocery stores have started to target Friendsgiving. The term broke into the mainstream, however, when Bailey’s Irish Cream used it in an advertisement.

It’s a common misconception that the term originated from the hit sitcom, Friends. In the show, the friends all have reasons they cannot go home for the holidays so they commonly spend Thanksgiving together. But the term “Friendsgiving” was never actually used in the thanksgiving episodes of the show.

It is common that the host of Friendsgiving makes the turkey and the friends make sides, making a potluck kind of meal. But in reality there’s no set guidelines on how to celebrate. Some even go away from a traditional Thanksgiving meal (turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc.) and make their own dishes. Friendsgiving is also ideal for a group of friends who have different restrictions on what they can and cannot eat (because everyone brings their own dish). Friendsgiving doesn’t always have to be the largest meal of the day, it could also just be a meal of high quality.

Friendsgiving should be seen more as friends getting together than a traditional celebration. It can even just be a group of friends hanging out with an assortment of different foods, and good music. Friendsgiving isn’t a traditional meal and there is no reason to make it one. It’s meant to be a fun gathering of friends and a twist on tradition!