If you haven’t heard of “Friendsgiving” you’ve seriously been missing out. The tradition started back in 2007 among college students and coworkers who could not make it home for the holidays. “Friendsgiving” offers the chance for friends to celebrate like family with delicious food. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media platforms have made the unofficial “holiday” extremely popular. With all that attention from the media “Friendsgiving” has become mainstream, but why not try something a little less common —“Friends-mas”? 
    “Friends-mas” is all about treating friends like family, so make sure to break out all your favorite family traditions at your “Friends-mas” party. Give each other presents, have a white-elephant gift exchange, watch White Christmas or anything else. Because “Friends-mas” is a new twist on an old holiday, you can also try mixing up classic traditions. Rather than carolling, try reverse carolling. Every time a visitor comes to the door have your party members begin singing to your guest. Play a ‘drinking’ game with eggnog as you watch Christmas movies. Have a gingerbread house building contest and use graham crackers rather than gingerbread to cut down on baking time. Invite your guests to share their traditions as well. Mix and match old traditions with new traditions to create the “Friends-mas” festivities. 
    Arguably the most important and memorable part of Christmas is the food. Make sure the treats at your “Friends-mas” feast are just as tasty. If you feel like having a full-blown Christmas dinner, try cooking a turkey or ham. Have your guests bring sides of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and vegetables to avoid cooking for hours. Your guests will love having a home-cooked Christmas dinner at your “Friends-mas” party. If you don’t care for traditional Christmas meals, order a pizza or takeout from your favorite restaurant—remember the best part of “Friends-mas” is there are no rules so don’t be afraid to write your own!
    No Christmas party is complete without decorations, don’t forget the mistletoe and tinsel. If you want to DIY your own decorations, Pinterest has hundreds of ideas to try. A few simple decorations that are sure to turn your “Friends-mas” party from drab to fab include, paper snowflakes, hanging Christmas lights, and giving your guests Christmas ornaments as party favors. If you want to incorporate the memories you and your friends have made into your decor try making a picture tree. Have pictures of you and your friends developed at your local drug store. You can accomplish this with as many pictures as you want, just use some double sided tape to secure them into place on a blank wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. It will be a great focal point for your “Friends-mas” party and your friends will enjoy looking at each picture and remembering all the fun memories you have created together. 
    Christmas traditions are developed over many years so don’t worry if your first “Friends-mas” party doesn’t go exactly as planned. The best part about “Friends-mas” will be discovering a group of true friends who you will want to celebrate with, for years to come. This will be increasingly important for the seniors who graduate this year. With everyone going their separate ways after graduation, and moving away from family, developing traditions with friends will provide a way to stay merry during those upcoming Christmas seasons where you may not be at home. Happy “Friends-mas”!