Girls of the Court

By Jessie Crowder - Managing Editor

    This years girls tennis team is made up of younger girls because most of last years team were seniors who have now graduated, but the girls on the team are now closer than ever. The team’s coach, Lacognata said “This year’s tennis team is young, eager and talented.”
    The team has 2 captains, Ava Curtis and Ellie Slighting, who are the only seniors on the team. They have had a real challenge this year after last year’s stellar season and amazing girls who are now gone, but this year could not have gone better. The seniors were a big part of last years team and that was a big challenge the team faced this season.
    Ellie Slighting, one of the senior captains began playing tennis at Ivory Ridge. She started taking lessons for fun and to try something new. While there, she formed a love for all the coached there and the environment that was created. She decided to stick with tennis as her talent increased.  

     Most of the girls had already been teammates when the season started and with the season now over her teammates are people Ellie counts as family. Ellie said, “Being team captain has given me the chance to really bond with the girls and form friendships that will last forever.”




    At the beginning of the season many people doubted this year’s team because of the players they lost. Ellie said that everyone has put in so much effort and work to get to where they are now. The team has mastered cooperation to get the results they want. Ellie loves to play tennis and does not plan on leaving it all behind after high school is over. She doesn’t have a set plan, but she is wanting to get at least of year of playing in because it is what she love and isn’t ready to give it up yet. Ellie said that no matter what happens in the future, tennis will be something she does for the rest of her life.
    Along with captain Ellie, on Lone Peak’s team there are two girls who are amazing athletes that grew up playing tennis together. And the two are Anna and Daniela Aaron, twins that both did amazingly well at Regions.  Daniela Aaron is 1st Singles Region IV champion, and her sister Anna took 2nd Singles Region IV champion.
    Grace Thelin is one of the junior team mates and she absolutely loves tennis. She is the only tennis player in her family, and luckily they all support her. She joined tennis to have a sport to fill up here time outside of hanging out with friends.

It wasn’t always Grace’s favorite passing time; she used to be on one of the younger Lone Peak cheer squads.  Grace enjoyed cheer while it lasted but realized it wasn’t really for her. Tennis is what Grace loves to do; she loves to have fun and loves the relationships that were created with all of her teammates. She said that everyone on the team get along very well and that it was like they were a big, fun-loving family. Since Grace is a junior now she said it is much easier for her to bond with this year’s captains compared to last year’s because they are closer in age. She said that she has learned so much from this years captains and that she has made great friends at relationships that will last.

The girls on the team this season have worked so hard and have become so close - not just as teammates but as friends. They put in so many practice hours and train so hard to compete at the level at which they are at, and the team looks forward to many more successes after this season.

Photo by Michael Spencer