Gold Rush

photo courtesy of kayla barlow

photo courtesy of kayla barlow


Kayla Barlow, Staff Writer

  It’s that time of year again, students! It’s Gold Rush! For you sophomores out there who don’t know what Gold Rush is: Gold Rush goes from January 22nd-February 14th. Lone Peak gathers as much money as possible and donates all of it to a charity of some sort. The charity the student government chose this year is the Make a Wish Foundation. This year, there are 3 wish kids. The goal is to raise $50,000. Each child gets to choose one wish and with the money the students raise, Lone Peak will be able to grant their wish. Their wishes include getting a puppy, seeing the ocean, and going to Disneyland.

    In order to raise the money, the school puts together a lot of fun events. One classic event that the school has put on for quite some time is called the “All Knighter”. The All Knighter is an activity where you stay at the school all night long. There are a ton of fun activities and a good variety of them. Some of the activities include karaoke, DJ’s that come from our school, Austin Payne and Tanner England, a Super Smash Bros tournament, indoor soccer and so much more.

    One more activity that the student council put together for the students was a game called “Whisk Wars”. You begin by paying a small fee. You then get a student’s name and a picture of them. Your job is to eliminate them from Whisk Wars. To eliminate them, you have to hit them with a whisk. Yep, you heard it right. If you hit them with your whisk at certain Gold Rush events, (like the All Knighter), it is worth double eliminations. The person with the most eliminations will be crowned at the end of the Gold Rush assembly. Ally Moss’s (our student body president) advice for Whisk Wars: “Go to Walmart, buy the biggest freaking whisk you can find, put it in your belt loop. Watch out guys, Moss is coming.”

    Do you have a crush? Do you want to tell your crush about it? Crush Week is the perfect way to let that certain someone that you have a crush on them! It’s another way the school is raising money for Gold Rush. For 2 weeks in February, you can order crush orange soda and have them sent to your crush during school. If you get sent a Crush, you can pay to find out who sent it! These don’t have to be sent just to your crush! You can send them to your friend, a teacher, or someone who’s just having a bad day.

    On 1/18/19, we had an assembly for Gold Rush! The point for this assembly was to raise money from the students who are there. This is the first year you can donate with your card! You can also donate with cash. They were throwing out Preference tickets, even. The second assembly then tries to beat the amount that the first assembly got. Since we reached 1,500 dollars in the first assembly, Principal Sumner shaved his head! Also, the Whisk Wars champion, AKA the person with the most eliminations, will be crowned at the end of the second Gold Rush assembly!

    Our school is filled with unrecognized talented students, and Lone Peak has put together a Gold Rush activity to showcase these talents. There’s going to be a Knight show The Knight show is a talent/variety show, MC’d by Mr. Nelson. The goal is to show off our Knights!

    On the same day as the Knight show, there’s an auction. It will be before the event. There will be swag baskets, timeshares to fancy cabins, and lots of Chick-Fil-A. “Bring your parents to the Knight Show cause they have money and we know none of y’all do” -Student Body President, Ally Moss.

    If you want to just donate, you can go to the finance office. Additionally, any library fines that get paid go directly to Gold Rush. Now you can say you were donating instead of admitting that you had a fine. In the words of our student body president, “Get out and donate Knights! It’s for a good cause and let's actually hit our goal this time so we can go down in history!”