It’s the season of Thanksgiving, which means pumpkin pies, turkeys, pilgrims, and a weird Charlie Brown special. But it’s also the time to do as the holiday directs- give thanks, which is not always an easy thing to do. So how exactly does one show gratitude?

In these days of instant gratification, materialistic happiness and wealth, being thankful for things is not an extremely common topic. Even on the global scale, gratitude isn’t fully appreciated and exercised how it should be. With fierce cultural and political wars left and right, nobody has the time to think about what they can be grateful for this season.


“The more grateful I am, The more beauty I see.”- Mary Davis

You can show gratitude in so meaningful, but small ways:

  • a hug

  • a plate of cookies

  • a smile

  • holding the door open for someone,

  • Giving someone you care about a compliment

Helping someone who helped you. Return the favor. Even if you think it’s too simple, it’s not. Any gesture, no matter how small, is appreciated more than you know.

So get out there! Make somebody’s day, week, and year. Showing gratitude doesn’t have to be about yourself. There are countless things and ways to show how you feel about someone, and how you appreciate them. It can change your life, and somebody else’s life, for the better. And ultimately isn’t that the goal? To put it simply, no matter how you decide to show it, gratitude should be an important part of your life, no matter what the season.

1. Maybe a list of examples of things to do

2. Ask around about experiences that people have had

3. Maybe like a long term effect sort of thing like how consistently showing gratitude will affect your life and your attitude.