Halloween Dangers

written by Elise Christensen

Everyone fears Halloween dangers, but razor blades and being poisoned sometimes can become a reality. One of the most common Halloween dangers are cars: If it falls on a Friday or a Saturday, drunk drivers are out more often than on the weekdays. Children and teenagers are twice as likely to get hit by a car on Halloween than any other time of the year. Most car accidents happen from 4 pm to 10 pm. There are a few other dangers such as costumes, glow sticks, and props. If costumes are too loose it’s easy to trip and fall on something sharp or get injured. Glow Sticks are a common thing too and an easier way to see people, but if they somehow break, they can lead to a trip to the ER, if it gets into the mouth or the eyes. It is fun to have cool props around your house and to make it seem fun and festive, but tripping can lead to puncture wounds, so make sure you place your props with caution. One thing that you should also be aware of our jack-o’-lanterns,  the candle inside falling over can lead to a fire starting. The biggest concern around this time is kidnapping, which is a big reason parents would rather have kids go with large groups of friends, rather than being alone. It's really easy to lose sight of your friends on Halloween when jumping from house to house and most predators will try grabbing at people who are alone. Getting separated from friends is one of the biggest reasons predators target this time of year. Halloween is a time to have fun, whether it's partying with friends or going out for free candy. This is a time where you can be someone else rather than yourself. This holiday is not all dangerous it's good to know the dangers so you can have fun and be safe.