Hink pinks are a group of two words that rhyme and follow a laconic description. Both words have the same number of syllables, as described in the description of the clue (hink pinks will have one syllable each word, hinky pinkies will have two). For example, an obese feline (hink pink) would be a fat cat. Try out your hink pink skills below! If you get stuck, flip back through the newspaper because each hink pink relates to an article from this issue.

Q: You’d  better ask early to preference or else you’ll miss your…

A: Dance chance

Q: A yummy hair accessory

A: Munchy Scrunchie

Q: An African animal born between September 23-October 23

A: Libra Zebra

Q: The alarm that wakes you up in the morning

A: Sleep Beep

Q: An undercover dessert

A: Spy pie

Q: When you’re really good at being thankful for what you have

A: Gratitude attitude

Q: Shoppers go crazy right after Thanksgiving on…

A: Friday Buy-Day

Q: Mit Martin’s special talent with the ladies

A: Slay bae

Q: The loudest basketball squad out there

A: Scream team