March 21 - April 19

A new year, a new you. This month could be the perfect time to break out of your often defiant shell and hear others opinions; doing so could perhaps attract the more calm and collective signs your way as companions. Your fiery determination will open opportunities for you in your talents if you take the time to enhance and focus on them this month. Though, remember that you can’t always do it alone, there is always room to learn from your teachers, peers, and family. Work on your temper, and this could lead to new friendships with the signs Pisces and Aquarius. Your love life isn’t very active this month, but don’t get down; it’s time to focus on your education.



April 20 - May 20

January is your time to break out and express yourself! You have opinions, but often keep them to yourself; Be more outgoing in class discussions, friend groups, and job interviews if you wish to succeed. You’ll find people often come to you for your confidence and opinions this month, you are wiser than you think and people appreciate your views. Your love life is beaming, you will find the sign Cancer often being around you for your quirky and friendly appearance. You often have pushover personality, but it’s your turn to keep your ground and stand up for what you believe. Stay close to the signs Aries and Gemini, they will be the ones to pick you up in your darker days.



May 21 - June 20

Get ready for a rollercoaster of a month, for lots of opportunities will open up for you. Show off your smile and push yourself to be more outgoing and expressive; you will be surprised at how many peers will be attracted to your honesty and opinions. You seem to be one of the more quieter signs, but this month you don’t have to be afraid to try new things and meet new people. Talk to students in the halls, coworkers at your job, and speak up more in class to gain more acquaintances; don’t be afraid to strut your stuff either cause perhaps this month a secret someone will express how much you mean to them. Search for a relationship with a Leo and Libra, both are very loud and you’ll find perhaps you are attracted to the fiery personality.   



June 21 - July 22

Take it easy this month, for it’s your time to relax and appreciate yourself. You are a sweet sign, and often spend too much time worrying over others instead of yourself. Have peace in knowing nothing major is set in stone to happen this month; your friends appreciate all you do for them and wish for you to continue to be your goofy and fun-loving self. Pick up a talent you’ve always wanted to learn, spend your free time working on mastering that skill; it doesn’t take long to learn and practice! Stay close with the sign Capricorn, they are an important part in your life and will keep you laughing on good days.



July 23 - August 22

Time to quiet your roar and listen to others this month. You often act on whims and jump to conclusions, but try giving listening and sympathy a try. Any Gemini or Capricorn would love to bond with you, giving you tips on being more self controlled and observant. Don’t hold back your opinions though, merely give more thought to them and you will see that others will see you as a more mature and trustworthy figure. Don’t fawn over love this month, give your attention to fixing some lost or creating other potential friendships. Look to the signs Aries and Scorpio for a good time this month too brighten the dull days. Try to be a more diligent worker in school, work, or at home to express your confidence, others will be attracted to you for your suddenly calmer personality.



August 23 - September 22

A new term has started, not simply just a new year, which may be a bit overwhelming to you. But do not fret, your hardworking and self assured attitude will get you through till the end of the school year. You are often known for never giving up, putting your all into each school assignment you have, which perhaps comes with the flaw of not partnering up for projects. A challenge for you to try out this month is letting your walls down a bit to join into groups, learn the essentials to working as a team; working on your own is fun and all but sometimes you need to give your trust to others. But don’t give up your knowledge or lay back in class either, the world still needs your opinions and participation! You don’t realize how many other students, coworkers and teachers appreciate you for making the atmosphere a whole lot lighter! Your love life's on the verge of active and inactive, don’t be afraid to make a move and ask out someone this month! You’ll find that Libra and Sagittarius are signs you are often attracted too, or are most compatible with.



September 23 - October 22

It’s time to take your own advice this year, Libras! You always have been a wise sign, finding it easy to help your friends and family see the right choices to make in life; you struggle to help yourself do the same though. You seem to close yourself off, or make yourself stubborn for no reason, so try to open up a bit and share your thoughts with others. If you look to confide in someone, Gemini and Capricorn are very understanding and would love to listen to you. Opening up might not be so easy, but work with it; you aren’t a sign that likes to give up. Your determination will perhaps lead to the attraction of Scorpio and Aries, don’t be afraid to give dating a try either. You often only care for those close to you and yourself, if you branch out a bit you won’t regret it; there are friends all around you that you haven’t even realized yet!



October 23 - November 21

Your life is a gift, and you definitely realize so. You are a very go with the flow Sign, often with a temper, but you don’t like to waste time. People envy your outgoing personality, which often comes so easily to you. It doesn’t matter if you express yourself through a more quieter way as in  art, writing, dancing; or a more louder way, like singing, laughing, etc. You are a very happy sign, a little hard headed but that makes you all the more confident and sure in your choices. You don’t let people see that they get to you, and that often attracts the sign Aquarius to be your friend. They appreciate how you stand up for others. You are good with making friends, even though you may face some difficulties with dealing with drama this month, friendship is all worth it to you! Your love life isn’t very active this month, but don’t hold back from dating or even asking our a Pisces!



November 22 - December 21

You often reach for the stars, but find it hard to keep reaching for the same dream. You are a very indecisive sign, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s harder to make decisions. This year, give focus a try. You may find yourself bored with movies, work, and school but that doesn’t mean you can’t find interest in those things. Aquarius is a very focused sign, aim to be friends with this sign for they’d be a great example and perhaps lead you to new talents you can work on. Your interests may be hard to find, so it’s a good idea to give lots of different things a try; art, singing, playing an instrument, public speaking, a specific class in school, ect. Your love life this month depends on you, not many relationships seem to last with you due to you not being able to keep up with one person. You need a person to keep up with YOU, perhaps a relationship with a Pisces would be perfect for you!



December 22 - January 19

Perfection is a big thing to you this year. Not only for grades, but for friendships and relationships. You are known for your great skills at handling bad situations cool down, for you are very determined to get things your way. You don’t like not being organized, cleanliness is a big deal to you. Lots are attracted to you for your order and control, for no one handles stress better than you. If someone causes you trouble, you aren’t afraid to pull away from them. You need someone to be there for you too, not someone who toys with your heart. A true relationship is a big thing to you, so you are constantly searching for that perfect someone. Relax, and take a breath. Not everyone is perfect, which is hard for you to admit, accept everyone for their flaws and perks. Remember to stay close to the light hearted Virgo, they will make sure you are having a good time.



January 20 - February 18

Another term, more tests. It’s not as bad as it seems, but you don’t mind a good study night. If you give your assignments your all this month, like you always do, you will surely succeed! You may do what you need to to get an A, but sometimes it's better to do a bit more. Try out some after school activities to express your creative and opinionated personality; Find more ways to impress other than just being the teacher’s pet or clown in class. Don’t take offense, everyone appreciates your constant bright mood in any situation. Try new opportunities opened up to you, for you shall surely find new friends and perhaps even possible relationships. Your love life's on the verge on inactive, but don’t be afraid to ask someone out! If you are looking for a compatible sign, Aries fiery personality or Pisces chill traits could be perfect for you.



February 19 - March 20

You are intimidating, and serious. A new year could be your chance to lighten up and give a smile. Not many know how understanding you are, for you have the gift of easily guessing or understanding what people are feeling; giving a smile could attract more to you, don’t be surprised when you suddenly find people confiding to you for comfort. You’ve always had a way with words, and 2018 may be the perfect time to express those words to calm any stressful situations. Your love life is active, and with preference coming up you should find yourself going to the dance, and if not you will have a relaxing evening to appreciate yourself and all you do for others. You are very humble about how much you do to help, so don’t be ashamed to give yourself a pat on the back. Lots of signs, mostly Aquarius and Libra, will be attracted to you for your collective trait!