Aries: March 21- April 19
November will prove to be a very rewarding month for you. Your house of self will be favorable this month so invest time in discovering who you are if you don’t already know. Take risks but be reasonable—listen to the guidance and advice others have to offer. You can be headstrong and stubborn at times which could help you this month as long as you remember to still be a team player. Do these things and you’ll find yourself in a positions of leadership at the end of the month. Look for friendship or romance with Aquarius or Gemini this month for support as you seek for new responsibility.  

Taurus: April 20- May 20
    November may seem to go a little slow for you Taurus, but keep your head up because bigger things are coming for you. You are very spontaneous which makes it hard to wait but remember: patience is a virtue. Just keep working hard and preparing for the upcoming months. Make sure you are doing well in school, at your job, and that you are in a good head space. Try some light exercise or meditation to clear your mind if you need it. Surround yourself with positivity, especially among your friends. Turn to Cancer or virgo when you need a burst of positive energy. 

Gemini: May 21-June 20
    October was a great month for you and November will be no different. You will experience even more success as you continue to work hard. Just remember to play hard too. Don’t neglect your friends and family because you’re too busy at work or school. Remember to do all things in moderation. Take a personal day if you need to in order to clear your head and relieve some stress. Lose yourself in nature and go on an adventure! Capricorns and Leos would be great options if you want someone to go with you. Their spontaneity and never-ending curiosity is just what you need to help you discover things outside the office.  

Cancer: June 21-July 22
    Cancer, this month is ripe with opportunity for you. Take the bull by the horns and don’t be afraid to go out and get what you want. Take your schooling seriously this month, as it may be an important factor in your future. Don’t get discouraged if you experience setbacks, remember good things come to those who wait. Treat trials like a detour, not a roadblock and use your creativity to find a way around them. Beware of overworking yourself, you’ll do better work if you plan your time wisely and are not tired. Look for romance with an Aries or Libra this month as they will help you speak your mind and discover what you really want.

Leo: July 23-August 22
    The house of career will play a big part of your month. Focus on finding—or improving in your job. Work your way up to receive a promotion or well-deserved raise. As you do you will find favor with your boss and your co-workers. Your peers will revere you and follow your example. Stay focused and remember to do your very best! It may seem like a long road but once you accomplish your goal, you will feel pride in a job well done. Form alliances or relationships with Virgo and Sagittarius who will help you through their sharp intellect and strong work ethic. 

Virgo: August 23-September 22
    If you have been eyeing a crush for a while, November is your month to take a risk. Ask them out on a date or just try complimenting them. Be yourself—kind and respectful and you will have him/her falling for you in an instant as you flash your bright smile at them. Don’t let your heart run away with your head though, pay close attention to detail and show your crush you genuinely care about them by remembering things they like. This is especially important to Cancer and Libra! Don’t neglect your responsibilities, just figure out how to balance your life!

Libra: September 23-October 22
    The house of family is extremely important for you this month. Surround yourself with loved ones and show your support for them as well. If you experience hardship this month it will be easier to get through as you cling to your family.They know you better than anyone else in the world and they will know how to help and comfort you. Just remember, relationships are like checking accounts so don’t forget to make deposits! Help your family out around the house or send them random texts telling them how much you love them. 

Scorpio: October 23-November 21
    This month may prove to be a challenge for you. Try not to focus on the negative though. Dwelling on the bad will make it difficult—if not impossible to see the good. As Thanksgiving approaches, make sure to express your thanks. Try keeping a gratitude journal. This will help you be optimistic even in the midst of opposition. As you find goodness in the small things, it will help you conquer your trials and you will feel invigorated. Share your happiness with others by spreading smiles, giving compliments, and just being yourself. 

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21
    You have some great things ahead for you this month if you are able to discover who you are. Take care that you don't exhaust yourself. You could be doing too much for others right now. You have a kind heart and a generous nature which isn’t a bad thing, just make sure to take sometime to focus on yourself. You don’t need to overdo it and become narcissistic, but take a day or two to do what you want to do. Try not to spread yourself too thin. It’s okay to say “no” every once in awhile if you’re too busy to take on another project. Think of it this way—you're not saying no to someone else, you're saying yes to yourself!

Capricorn: December 22-January 19
    November might be towards the end of the year, but great things are just beginning for you, Capricorn! You're happy, energetic, and optimistic. You feel love for all mankind. Don't be surprised if this brings new people into your life. Your positivity will act like a magnet to attract new friends and admirers. Use your people skills to engage with them in meaningful conversations and you’re sure to make lifelong friends. Look for camaraderie with Taurus and Scorpio who are just as lively and social as you are. Make sure to stay grounded in work and school, partying may be fun as long as you aren’t neglecting your responsibilities. 

Aquarius: January 20-February 18
    November is about new beginnings for you. Think of it as a “renaissance of self” as you grow and discover new things about who you are. Be wary of things which may discourage you. Remember everything passes with time and what concerns or frustrates you now probably won’t matter in the long run. Be bold in looking for new opportunities both in your career and in your love life. You tend to play it safe, but this month you will find rewards as you take risks. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and opinions, you have a lot of great things to say and others will benefit greatly as you do. Look for companionship with Cancer and Libra who will help you in your journey of self discovery. 

Pisces: February 18-March 20
    Have some fun this month! Your goal-oriented and focused personality makes it difficult at times to loosen up, but you will discover new and exciting opportunities as you let your hair down. You will make new friends and discover how to create more balance in your life which will help you be more effective in your work or schooling. Forming connections through friendships may also help you with networking and open up job opportunities for the future. Leos and Virgos know how to have a good time so make friends with a few if you can. Remember to use your wisdom and discretion when it comes to choosing how to spend your time. Don’t let your success in school or work slump!