Crazy weather is something that we can expect for the upcoming winter. If you don’t like the winter you can’t stop it but you can be prepared for it. Everyone knows that we get snow, and we get a lot of it. So here are some things you can do to be ready for the snow and some things to do with all the snow.

how to prepare for snow CMYK.jpg

Stock Up
    Get lots of everything. When it's snowing you definitely do not want to be trying to drive. The roads get slippery and you just wouldn't want to risk it. Keep lots of warm, easy to cook foods in your pantry. Soup is perfect. It’s warm and it doesn’t take long to make. Keep hot chocolate for a nice warm drink to have while you're sitting by the fire. Of course you will also want to have plenty of the essentials. Keep toilet paper, milk, soap, and all the rest of the basics.

Car Preparation
    If you just have to go somewhere make sure your car is always full of gas. You don’t want to run out of gas during a snowstorm. In case of a bad situation keep a first aid kit and bottle of water in your car. Make sure you check your heater to make sure that it is working and have blankets in the back just for some extra warmth. If you drive an older car make sure you have jumper cables in case of an emergency. Check your tires and make sure they are in good condition for the snow, if you can afford it and make sure to put snow tires on your car!

Some Fun
    Don’t think that you have to be bored all winter! When it’s cold bundle up and still have some outdoor fun. For some free fun go outside and make a snowman or grab a sled and go find a huge sledding hill. If it hasn’t snowed yet go ice blocking. Utah has some of the greatest ski resorts in the states so head up there for some wild all day fun. It’s a little more pricey but take advantage of these resorts in our backyards

Holiday Shopping
    Get you shopping done fast. Don’t wait till it’s the day before the party and you haven’t got that gift yet. Get the gifts for the ones you love as soon as possible. If you can handle it, go out on Black Friday and save a little cash with those amazing deals they have in stores. People often forget about Cyber Monday so get online and get discounts from the comfort of your bed.

Movie List
    Give your Netflix watch list an update. Find those hidden movies that are gold. Watch your favorite movie that used to always make you happy but you haven’t watched in awhile. Don’t forget about those holiday movies that you can only watch during this time of year. Winter is also the perfect time to watch those movies you never got around to watching. Make up excuses of why you have to stay home and watch movies all day. Say you are getting sick, weather is too bad, or straight up say that it’s a binge watch type of day. Happy binging!

Take Pics
    We know that Lone Peak students are lovers of the canyon so don’t forget about it this winter! Go up there and take pictures of your cute little beanie in front of the snow covered trees. Video that perfect slow song you are listening to during that long drive we all love. Use the snow to spice up your social media. Show everyone how you are making the most out of this winter.