Pronounced Hue-Gah not Hoo- Gah originates from Denmark. Denmark has been voted to be one of the happiest nations countless times and a lot of people correlate it back to perhaps being because of hygge. So what exactly is Hygge? It is a feeling of coziness, enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Danish people love to bring the feeling of hygge especially to get through their hard and long winters. 
    Here’s how you achieve the peaceful feeling Hygge:

  1. Atmosphere - turn off lights & light a candle or turn on some fairy lights. 
  2. Presence - turn off your phone & eliminate distraction. 
  3. Pleasure - tea & berries can relax you
  4. Equality - use “we” instead of “me”
  5. Gratitude - realize all that you have
  6. Harmony - Don’t brag about your achievements. We all have talents.
  7. Comfort - make a fort of blankets, or do some yoga
  8. Truce - no drama allowed
  9. Togetherness - build relationships & acknowledge the people you love
  10. Shelter - this your place of peace & security

          Hygge is something that you can practice daily. Just take some time for yourself and relax. It’s hard to find peace when we are constantly going and keeping up with our busy lives in high school. It is important to take a few minutes and just chill. Sometimes it feels so good to turn on some indie music and just be in your bedroom with some good candles lit instead of hanging out with friends on a Friday night.
       Other ways you could practice Hygge are to read a book; at your house in a little fort or at Barnes & Noble it can be very peaceful. Also buying some house plants or putting essential oils into a diffuser (lavender & vanilla scents are most relaxing.) 
       Overall Hygge is a really wonderful thing to bring into your life and practice because of the peace and coziness it brings you. Especially when it’s dark by 7 o’clock in the winter time it can be really hard to get through the long winter but when you bring this tradition into your life it can bring you happiness. Who doesn’t want that?