Whether it’s a date, or just out having some fun with friends, ice skating is the thing everyone is going to be doing this Winter. The problem is in this area, there’s not a whole lot of options of where to go, as we live almost right in the middle of the two closest skating rinks, which are located in Provo and Salt Lake City. With a drive that long, you don’t want to be disappointed with the quality of the rink. We decided to test both out, and give you some information so you can better decide which one you’re going to make a night out of.

The Gallivan Center arena in Salt Lake City is an extremely popular destination for ice skating. Because of the area it’s located in, people in all directions come to skate and have a good time. The convenient part of where it is at is that there are other entertainment attractions close to it. If you finish up skating a little early, you can always go for a short walk and visit the lights at Temple Square, or also visit City Creek. There are also a wide variety of unique dinner locations that can’t be found in other areas of Utah. The downside to The Gallivan Center is that it is outdoors, so be ready to either dress warm or freeze. Also, plan on it being very crowded. You might not be able to move around as freely as you would like if you choose to come here. 

The Provo Peaks Ice Arena is a big attraction because it is where hockey teams in the area go to practice. It is also a big destination for families, so expect to see more little kids at this rink than the other. A big plus for this arena is that it is indoors, so you can come here no matter what the weather is and not have to worry. There are also many food places in Provo you can stop by before or after. You better get there sometime very soon though, as the arena will be closing down at the end of this winter season due to money issues.

If you can’t decide which one to visit, I would normally suggest The Gallivan Center due to the environment of Salt Lake City, it’s much more exciting of an experience. But because of the circumstances surrounding The Provo Peaks Arena, I would say go there this year so you can get the fun in before it’s gone, you can always go to The Gallivan Center next year.