As a high school student, we are all in constant need for money. You will always hear someone complaining about how they need a job or they need more money. Well this article is here to save to the day, giving you some of the closest jobs near Lone Peak as well as they are hiring high school students! Some of these jobs vary from fast food working, to car washes, to working with kids in your local area. 

Quick Quack Car Wash- They are looking for someone who is 16 or older and is a hard worker along with being kind and be able to learn the job well. You will go through a training of how to do your job. There are mainly 2 different jobs, which is cashier (pays about 10$ an hour) or the store manager (pays about 15$ an hour). People who have worked there have said that the work isn’t too hard and they overall have enjoyed working at Quick Quack.

Wendy's- Anyone that is 16 yrs or older can work here with little to no work experience. The pay in minimum wage and you will most likely be working at the the drive through or the cash register. One requirement is that you must have your food handlers permit. Even if you are not necessarily working hands on with food, you still will need that permit. You will have to be a hard worker and keep up with a fast paced work environment. 

Dollar Tree- You have to be 16 yrs old to work here and be able to lift items and be able to count (hopefully everyone knows how to do this). There are three jobs you could apply for, these include, cashier, stocking shelves, or store manager. Cashier and stocker pay about 8-9 dollars and a store manager pays 10 dollars. Almost everyone that has worked here has said that they enjoy working here, along with saying that the co-workers are nice to be around.

Babysitting/Nanny- I know that high school students don’t have a lot of time to spare, and this could be a reason that more students don’t babysit, however, making money may need to take a priority over some things that you’re doing. The average pay for a babysitter is about 10$ per hour. This may change due to whoever you’re babysitting for. Being a nanny will get you a little bit better of a pay. The average amount to be paid would be about 16$ an hour, again this can change depending on who you are watching. A website that could help find jobs for people in your area would be So if you are wanting a babysitting/nanny job this is a great website to make an account on to get more jobs!