Juggling is defined as tossing objects into the air and catching them while keeping at least one in the air, typically for the entertainment of others. While it is usually out of the public eye, Lone Peak actually has a juggling club that’s alive and well, led by Mrs. Craft. In the club, they talk about the history of juggling and practice juggling technique. Juggling is an appealing activity because it’s simple to learn, hard to master, and memorable!

Think about it, when was the last time you saw someone juggle? It’s flashy, fun, and it’s good to see it continued at our school. While it may seem like a novel and impractical skill for you to learn, it could actually come in handy if you are seeking a career in entertainment. The first evidence of juggling was images found in  Ancient Egyptian tombs dated at 1781 B.C, showing people tossing balls into the air. Juggling could have existed long before this time, as there is evidence that it existed in Greek and Roman cultures. References to juggling are also found in writings from China, Ireland, and ancient Rome. Jugglers went through tough times: After the fall of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Middle Ages, jugglers were persecuted and seen as scoundrels. Thankfully, juggling has been normalized again and is no longer an issue. So hey, maybe it’s finally time for you pick up a new hobby and learn how to juggle!