Lainey Smith - One of Lone Peak's Talented Musicians

By India Hayes - Staff Writer

Lainey Smith started playing guitar when she was seven. Inspired by AC/DC, she told her dad she wanted to be in the band. He offered her a deal. If she slept in her own bed for a week, they would buy her a guitar. Now Lainey can play guitar, bass, and the piano.

Lainey is a junior at Lone Peak, and an avid participant in jazz band. Her dad was a big part of why she started music because he introduced her to a lot of classic rock. This started her love for major influences such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Lainey typically plays alternative rock and indie rock, but also plays in several jazz bands. When asked what her first song ever played was, she laughed and said Wonderwall by Oasis. 
Lainey said her backup plan (if music doesn't work out), she would want to go into business and management. When talking about her writing and creative process, she said that she sits down with a story ready to tell, messes around with some chords, finds a riff that she likes, and evolves off of that.

Lainey talked about her previous experience with a constructive band (a band where everybody pays to participate and tour together), saying that she notices people are more committed, but lack a connection. When writing together there's something missing, she said. When comparing the constructive band and having her own band, she explained,  “When it's your own band everyone's there because they love it. Everybody's there because they want to be there with you, and to make music, and for some reason the soul in that [companionship] can really affect the way you write your music.”

Lainey talked about performing and what she loves about it. “I'm kind of loud and big in real life, so on stage I can be that way and it's considered cool and what I'm supposed to do.” She started talking about a current rough patch with creativity and inspiration.

“Life is just like chilling on a raft in the ocean, and you really have no control over which way things are going to go. You can sit down and tell yourself to be creative, and to make music. [But] you've got to sit back and tell yourself that you're doing something else right now. So you've got to let the creativity happen,” Lainey said. 
She wants to continue in music forever not because she feels like she has to, but because she loves to. “That's my thing; I'm a musician”.