Lat minute Halloween Costume Ideas

By Madison Olsen

Remember back in elementary school when you knew what you were going to be for Halloween six months before the fall season even started? Your mom would make a few clicks on Amazon and soon enough, your costume would arrive. After a quick parade around the house in your costume, you would hang it up in your closet where it would stay until October 31.

   Fast forward ten years and suddenly, Halloween is coming up and you have no idea who or what to dress up as. Whether you have weeks or only hours left, these Halloween costumes require little assembly but are sure to get you a lot of compliments.

1. M&M Madness

Got a big group and no time? This costume is easy, inexpensive, and great for lots of people. All you’ll need is sweaters or t-shirts for everyone, and a material to create the letter ‘m’ with (felt, paint, markers, or fabric will all work well).

2. Bob Ross

Known for his happy little painting shows, Bob Ross’ gentle personality makes him a great role model, and his outfit makes for a great Halloween costume. Round up a blue button-down shirt, and add accessories such as a paint palette and brush or beard and wig to complete the look.

3. Marty McFly

This costume can be as simple as an orange vest and a button down shirt, or you can add more details to make it more accurate. For a complete look, layer a maroon shirt under a white button-down shirt both beneath a denim jacket, topped off with an orange vest.

4. It’s Raining Men (Hallelujah)

Possibly the easiest getup on the list, this hilarious costume is sure to get you some compliments! Print and cut out as many pictures of celebrity men as you’d like, then attach each picture to a string. Once you have the pictures and string assembled, glue or tie each to an umbrella. As an additional option, you can create a sign with the word ‘hallelujah’ to carry around.

5. Three Blind Mice

This one makes for another excellent group costume because of its simplicity, but you can also add your own twist to it by adding on new accessories. The essential ingredients to this ensemble are black pants and a black shirt, a cane, sunglasses, and a mouse ears headband, but feel free to modify it by changing the pants out for a tutu or adding gloves and a white tie.