With the holiday season coming up there are so many easy ways to help out others in need. Us as Lone Peak students can easily do things to help out the community.  There are so many places to go where you can donate but there are also places where you can physically help out and volunteer. The Humane Society is a fantastic place for people who love animals. They are always looking for people to help care if the animals and do thing like walking the dogs or feeding cats. If animals aren’t your thing don’t worry. There are many homeless shelters around Salt Lake that you can help at. 
    An easier way to help out in the community is by donating to a local food bank. They have boxes and bins in most local grocery stores. You don’t even have to spend any money for this one, just look in the back of pantry and grab those cans of soup that your family just never uses. It might seem like just a few cans of food to you but it could really help out some people in need.
    Another simple way to help out in your local community is to donate books, toys, or clothes that you don’t use anymore to local thrift stores. Savers and the D.I. (Deseret Industries) are both places that are local and are both places that people that are our neighbors shop at. Christmas shopping is expensive so people will go there to find cheap presents or they could be there to get clothes to put on their families back. Just look through your clothes and look some shirts and sweatshirts that you don’t wear anymore and you can live without.
    You can also donate blood and plasma around this time of year. Donating blood is a bit easier than donating plasma so that would be the easiest way to go and donating just a small amount of blood can help out someone in real need of it. You can donate blood through AARP Blood Services.
A really easy way you can help in your community is by serving at a local retirement home. The people who live there often get lonely and love when people come to visit. Not only can you visit them but you can paint the women’s nails, play games with them, or do a puzzle with them. It’s free, and you’ll leave with a very happy feeling.
    If you haven’t heard of the #Light the World campaign that is being run by the LDS Church, check it out. It is encouraging everyone to do random acts of kindness each day to make the people and community where they live a happier, better place. They have set up vending machines in downtown Salt Lake where you can purchase things to be donated to people that are in need.
    If you would like to volunteer call up The Road Home in Salt Lake, they rely on volunteers to provide service & programs to individuals and families who are striving to overcome homelessness. 
    At many malls and grocery stores there are people waving a bell standing next to a red bucket who are representing The Salvation Army. If you have any change left over from shopping just drop it in the red bucket. The money goes to a  good cause and donating at this time of year helps out so many people. Doing good can make you feel good and can make a difference in the world.