Lone Peak Football

By Alexa Nielson - Staff Writer


The Lone Peak football captains, Preston Lewis, Jackson McChesney, Ethan Schofield, Dakota Hansen, and Ammon Hanneman all shared their love of football. They all agreed that they enjoyed it a lot, it is “fun”, and it was a good place to spend time with friends and make new ones. So far this season, Lone Peak has won all but one of their football games, which was against Bingham High School. Because of those results, they are planning to have more success in their games to come. The team captains all think that the team is playing well this season but could definitely improve. They plan to improve their game by training harder at practice, which is for about two to two and a half hours everyday after school and lifting weights. Lone Peak has made extra training relatively easy because of the new weight room on the south side of the school. These five boys did not become team captains by doing nothing; they have put in a lot of hard work on and off the field and have been playing for years. In McChesney’s words “It’s like habit.” So far the football season at The Peak has been going well and they plan to improve and become even better. 


Preston Lewis, Lone Peak’s DE and OLB (defensive end and offensive linebacker) on the varsity team, has been very successful in his high school football career and has been offered a place on the BYU football team and has accepted. It was said that he was not heavily recruited until this point, but he has really showed his skills on the field and that is how he got to where he is now. 
Jackson McChesney, the RB (running back) for the Lone Peak varsity team, has also been offered a place on the BYU football team and has accepted the offer.
Ethan Schofield, the T (tackle), has been offered a place on the Snow College football team but it has not been confirmed whether or not he has accepted that offer yet. 
Dakota Hansen, Lone Peak’s varsity QB (quarterback), has not given any information on what college he plans to attend after high school and if he will continue to play football.  
Ammon Hannemann, the varsity safety, has committed to also play for BYU on a scholarship offer. It was his first scholarship offer, but he will be following in his brothers steps, playing for BYU. 
The Lone Peak football team has a lot of great players that have really flourished this year and are playing well, which has proved with how great the stats have been this season. The Knights are confident that the rest of the season will be as successful as the first part.  

Photos by Michael Spencer