Lone Peak students are among the most talented and motivated teens in the state. Consistently ranking amongst the top schools in Utah, it’s no secret that Lone Peak truly is a World Class High School.  What is the secret to their success though? There are many factors that contribute to the Knights academic excellence, among them is the Lone Peak One Word Club. 
    The Lone Peak One Word Club is a fairly recent addition to the school, and the response from the student body has been overwhelmingly positive. The club was designed to motivate and inspire students throughout the year, a goal that they’ve no doubt achieved. By asking students at the beginning of the school year to pick a word which will help them maintain a positive attitude through any struggles they may endure, and then share it with others, the Lone Peak One Word Club has helped boost morale and motivation on campus.  Club member, Brooke Wooley, says, “One word is designed to help students, especially incoming sophomores, feel welcome and inspired as they start high school.”  High school is a challenging time for every teen and each year brings different struggles. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all can benefit from the one word program. 
    The club also puts on massive events during lunch which increase student involvement.  By giving students the opportunity to win T-shirts by playing easy and fun games, students feel as though they are part of something larger than just themselves. Lone Peak One Word also highly encourages students to share their experiences with the club through social media which helps them discover other people's passions and get more excited about their own word.  Searching #lonepeakoneword on Instagram will return hundreds of results with students of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life all sharing the word that inspires them the most.  The words express the diverse goals and interests of the nearly 3,000 students at Lone Peak. With words ranging from “strong” to “happy” the Knights all have inspiring stories which accompany their single word mottos. Brooke Whiting a senior said, “I chose the word ‘enlighten’ because I want to lift others and be a light in the lives of those around me.” Brooke and other students use their one word as a daily reminder to improve themselves and make the most of each day here at the Peak. 
    As second semester begins, if you have not selected a word, the club highly recommends you do. Numerous studies have linked academic success with extracurricular involvement. The One Word Club is a great way to get involved with the school and improve your academic standing.  Joining a club is also a great way to make memories and friends.  The club isn’t a huge time commitment so it’s perfect for students looking to join additional extracurricular activities despite having a packed schedule.
    The Lone Peak One Word club has benefitted students year after year to reach their goals and stay motivated throughout the year. The club inspires Knights to reach their personal “peaks.”