Christmas is almost here and Lone Peak gives the perfect experience to get into the Christmas spirit. Lone Peaks Chamber and Acapella choir present, “Ye Olde Madrigal Feaste”.

Madrigal is dinner and a show. Chamber choir puts on a fun play, while Acapella brings the food to you. The music includes medieval classics, some being, ”Wassail”, and “Masters in this Hall”. If you love music, Madrigal is for you.

    There is a lot of interaction between the show and the audience at Madrigal. When you walk in, your table is announced by “The Town Cryer”. You can nominate someone at your table to be apart of “The Shapely Leg Competition.” The participants show off their legs to the crowd. Next, there are “The Lord and Lady of Salt”. If you would like salt, your wench or paige has to go and kiss one of the Masters on the cheek. Some members of the Chamber choir play the role of beggars. You won’t catch a break from them asking for your change!

     Ms. Johnson teaches all of the choir classes here at lone peak. Alongside Ms. Johnson, known as “Mama J”, Senorita Taylor is one of mama's good friends and gives a lot to the choirs here. Her and Mama J write the script for Madrigal together every year. Here are some words from Senorita Taylor. “Madrigal Feaste is a Renaissance feast that consists of a seven-course meal, a concert, and a play, all wrapped up in one happy package. It’s the perfect date night, it’s interactive and you get to participate! It’s cool, everyone should go. It’s a tradition that they’ve done every year at Lone Peak.”

     Madrigal makes you feel as though you’re living in a different time. Your A cappella members who are serving you your meal are living somebody else’s life as a wench or page. They have different names and speak with accents when they are addressed. Everyone is dressed to nines (not the beggars, of course). The feeling of Madrigal is genuinely Medieval.

    Madrigal is on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st and 2nd at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6. 10$ for students, and 14$ for adults. Seating is by reservation only. Contact a member of Chamber or A capella choir to buy tickets and reserve tables. All proceeds of Madrigal go to the students' tour accounts. On tour, they will be singing in Carnegie Hall! Come to Madrigal and support your fellow students.