It captivates the audiences at every stand during every game.  They stand in the cold shivering in their uniforms and perform for parents, students and children.  They are the marching band! Hours, days, and weeks of preparation goes into each performance, each tournament, each showcase that the band puts on and they are finally ready to tell the world—
or just Lone Peak High School—just what they do during those long practices.  These practices are talked about in hushed, reverent tones and now they are about to be put to rest. Or confirmed, depending on who’s been hearing what. 
   This past week, the marching band had the amazing opportunity to go on tour with Color Guard to Las Vegas and compete down there.  Brandon Eliason, a sophomore on the marching band mentions how much work that went into these rehearsals that they had in order to prepare for these tours, “It’s not necessarily the competitions that take up a lot of time, what really takes up the most time is the practices. We practice for 3 hours for 3 weeks every day, and after school and we have practices that can even be up to 10 hours long.”
   Evidently this is also something that requires a lot of commitment.  It takes a lot out of students, but according to Eliason, “It’s a party!”
   Like every group that spends as much time together as the marching band they get very close to each other.  Eliason continues, “I think marching band is very fun.  You get to know a lot of people, you make really great friends, you get to go on tour and it’s fun!”
   They put hours of work into this though.  Though it seems fun on the surface they have to spend more hours doing this than they do in school.  According to senior Nathan Jackman who is also on marching band, “Marching band season starts at the beginning of the summer. In the first week of June we have 6 hour rehearsals every day and then a parade on Saturday.  And then we rehearse 3 days a week for 3 hours a day up until the beginning of August, where we have 8 hour rehearsals every week day for two weeks.” But that is only the beginning.  Jackman continues, “And then 3 hour rehearsals 3 days a week once school starts. And then in September we have two days where we rehearse 13 hours a day.”
   Talk about a crazy time commitment!  According to Hannah Geppert, someone on Color Guard, “You don’t really have time for any other activities. I don’t know how people do it but there are some people who have 4.0 GPA’s!”
   So if there is anyone out there looking for something that takes up a lot of time but is also a place where you can make a lot of friends than this is definitely the activity for you.  Join marching band or Color Guard for a fun, loving, family-like atmosphere and memories will definitely be made.