Martial Arts Appreciation Club

By Brevan McClellan - Copy Editor

This year’s club rush brought many new opportunities for Lone Peak Students to join with their peers to celebrate their interests. While familiar clubs such as the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) were revived, new clubs were also formed, like the Yu-Gi-Oh Club, the Quidditch Club, the Ukulele Club, and the Martial Arts Appreciation Club.
    Imagine, you and one of your classmates get into an argument. They threaten you, call you names, and insult you. You start to worry that they might actually try to start a fight with you. What would you do? Even though you think you have the ability to fight them, is that really the right way to handle the situation? The Martial Arts Appreciation Club was formed to help you know what to do in a situation like this, and how to do it correctly. 
 The Martial Arts Appreciation Club was started by Conor Bate, a senior here at Lone Peak High School. This is a club for those who are interested in learning some self-defensive techniques, both physical and verbal. When a student participates in club meetings they should be ready to learn how to stand up for themselves, and how to do it correctly, like talking your way out of a fight rather than having to throw a punch. Students will learn how to prevent a sticky situation or fight in a way that isn’t passive but also isn’t aggressive. They will learn to avoid of fights verbally, and if needed, they will learn how to protect themselves physically. 
Conor has always dreamed of teaching martial arts. He decided to start the Martial Arts Appreciation Club so that he could start by teaching students. He loves sharing his talents with others.
“I thought it was good to be able to verbally and even physically get out of situations.” Conor said.
 At his Dojo where he is a student of martial arts, there is a motto. “Training is fun, fighting is dumb.” Conor knows how to show students the correct way to stand up for themselves.
For anyone who is interested in participating in the club meetings, they will be taking place on Wednesdays, either during lunch or after school.