Lone Peak Math Team is something that not too many students know about. It consists of thirty students from Lone Peak who love math or… who just love the food and prizes associated with showing up. Some also just come along with their friends.
    The president of the Math Team is Aubrie Aagard, Lone Peaks Sterling Scholar for math this year. She was voted president for the team this year with little campaigning on her part. She says, “math team is an awesome opportunity to do fun things with math.” 
Another member of the math team, Daniel Stevenson, has stated that he “loves math.” He is a junior and participated in the team as a sophomore and plans to participate in his senior year too. I asked him why he started loving math and he said, “in fourth grade I went insane, completely and utterly insane.” and that was that. 
    A student, Connor Beus, just comes to the meetings for fun and to be with his friends.
    Competitions are held about every 2 months and are never the same. Some, you are just given a problem and you have to solve it as possible. At others, there will be problems all around the school and you have to run around trying to solve them. Prizes for competitions are also great! Aubrie said that once, the first place prize was a $50 gift card!
    The math team meets every Thursday in Mrs. Baggett’s classroom (room 141) during lunch. If you love math, this is the club for you!