You may know the outgoing Lone Peak student, Quincy Adams, for his charming personality and quirky character, but I bet you don’t know much about his self-taught, self-promoted company, Nails and Females. I was amazed to find out that someone our age, not only started his own business, but was actually making money and being successful in it. I had to find out more.

     I contacted Quincy via his Instagram handle, @nail_and_females, his main social media platform, and asked him if I could tag along to one of his scheduled appointments. He openly welcomed me into his own mini, but well-built nail studio, where all the action takes place. It was immediately clear to me that Quincy doesn't mess around. His equipment was clean and well-kept; His open space looked just like a professional salon, with lights, dryers, and rows upon rows of nail varnish polish. My first impressions confirmed that Quincy is dedicated to his work, just as much as any other common nail salon. I knew there and then that I needed to make my own appointment with him, fast.

Interview: To find out more, I conducted an interview with Quincy to find out a little bit more about his journey...

J: Tell me about your business, when did it start and where does the name ‘Nail and Females’ come from?

Q: Well it all started with my sister, then personally I’ve been doing nails for about four years now, and taking clients for two. I am an artist, so I just loved the idea of people wearing my work and showing it off. Doing nails is like a different canvas for me. I do a lot of regular art as well, when I have time. I currently take AP Art and Art Honors at Lone Peak. My mom is a super punny person, so she actually made it [the name] from a play-on ‘males and females’. At the time, when I asked her about it, I didn’t think it was going to be big at all, but when she said it, it just stuck! I’ve heard it’s very catchy. At first, any money I earned from nails was spent on nails. But now I am able to pocket most of it. I probably spend about $200 per month on supplies.

J: What is the market for this industry like right now? Are you busy at this time of year?

Q: The beauty industry is really booming right now. What’s interesting is that people are never going to stop getting their nails done. just as they won’t stop getting their hair or eyelash extensions done. You’re never going to go out of business. A lot of companies are doing nails, especially here in the state of Utah, but I’ve heard that I’m one of the better ones.

 It was so easy to talk with Quincy. His sociable nature makes the whole experience of getting your nails done, that much better. It gives you confidence to talk with the person you are placing the lives of your future nails into, can I get an amen girls? Quincy’s confidence in his own skills and abilities made me feel like I would get my money’s worth with the nails he creates. A regular client, Aly Leavitt, couldn’t agree with me more; ‘He’s the best,’ she stated.

J:Describe to me your style, where do you get your inspiration from?

Q: I’d say my style is very artistic and really quite unique. I don’t want to create sets that people have seen before. From this, I have a huge variety of nail designs; it's hard to tone down on one specific type of nail that I do. But, my favourite art right now is kind of abstract. I love geometric nails or marbled nails, they are fun and gives it something different. I draw most of my inspiration from pinterest and instagram. I’ll get a lot of people coming in and showing me designs, which is great and it inspires me further. I’ll even take inspiration from shirts that I see or fashion, or buildings even. I could put that into a set of nails.

J:Do you hold another job as well as doing nails? What are your plans for the future?

Q: No I do not, this job takes up my time (My standard hours are 3-7pm Monday through Friday, and 11-4pm on Saturdays) I will probably do nails to work part time after high school, because I love it! You know I love helping people out, inspiring others, and making them look good, but I don’t want it to be my main career. I would love to consider having my own salon and to teach other people how to do it. It's a nice social job, you're working with people and talking to them alot. I've had people come in here and say that their appointment just made their week, that a set of nails has changed some parts of their life. Which sounds really clique, but it gives a lot of confidence to people. And that makes this all that much better, it’s totally rewarding.

J: Do you have any regrets or disappointments you’ve made along the way?

Q: Sure. There have been sets out there that I've done, that were not ideal. But I’ve never had a request from someone that I can't do, or at least would not attempt to do. I’m always up for a challenge and I love interesting designs. I’ll never look at a design and think, I can't do that. I will always try it or alter it a little to fit my style. Also, it's obviously not a ‘normal’ thing for guys to do nails, but I don’t really care. Just do what you love, you know? Why be afraid of something you're passionate about? It doesn't matter what your into as long as you love doing it! So definitely no regrets, apart from not taking on clients sooner.

     To schedule with Quincy before your next big night out, your next event, or even just to treat yourself, contact his @nails_and_females instagram account and click on the link in his bio that will take you straight to the booking page. My appointment is Thursday 12th, when is yours?