For the last decade, Momentum has been developing innovative indoor climbing gyms to serve local communities. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the Momentum brand is fueled by a passion to evolve and share the sport of rock climbing through inspired wall design, modern training facilities, effective coaching and education programs and amenities that enhance the indoor experience. Momentum is committed to building better climbers and cultivating lasting communities. Momentum Indoor Climbing located in Sandy, Lehi, and Millcreek UT. Momentum is teamed up with REI bringing the climbing to Utah. 
    There is many activities that you can participate in. ProLo is an activity the was created my Momentum that mainly engages in bouldering, and takes place in the Lehi center. With competing you can win up to $1,600 if you come in first place. ProLo follows the traditional Redpoint Style, which means it’s a free-climbing a route, while lead climbing, after having practiced the route beforehand (either by hangdogging or top roping). Redpointing differs from headpoint, in that it is exclusive to sport routes with protection equipment fixed into the rock at regular intervals. You can register online at
    Momentum is a family friendly gym. Momentum start kids off at the age of 3 all the way up to 19. They separate the ages into category, 3 - 7 is the mo-mini, 7 - 11 is base camp, and 12 - 18 is youth club. At the Lehi gym they offer a High School climbing league with in the Alpine School District that brings the youth together for friendly competition. You can Register online at
    YOGA! Momentum in Sandy features a yoga studio and is a great place to increase your strength and flexibility. Yoga and pilates help climbers (and non-climbers) to avoid injury, increase core strength, bring calmness to their lives, and increase overall physical and mental health. You can find the schedules of the session on the Sandy website. 
    What is the Adult Bouldering League? Momentum Adult Bouldering League is a social league in which groups of climbers will meet once a week to climb together and earn points for their team. Each climbing session will begin with a huddle hosted by our League Facilitator in which updates and developments will be shared. Team standings will be posted weekly. Teams must be co-ed and can carry between 4 and 6 team members, 18 and older.
    Now you may be thinking, I don't even know how to rock climb? Well don't worry because at momentum you will be certified by a certified worker and climber at momentum. “At Momentum, we welcome climbers regardless of age, experience, ability or gender. As instructors we love rock climbing in all its forms, and aim to help each individual climber their own style. Our classes and clinics are focused on helping climbers to have fun while making the most of their time and abilities.” stated climbing instructor at momentum. Now doing worry about gear, at momentum you can rent shoes and a harness at the gym and can be taught on how to wear properly.    
    Momentum is rated at a 4 out of 5 star climbing gym. When asked,Chase Livingston who rock climbs at momentum, he states “The air quality is better and openness of it helps the temperature stays cool and giving you more space to belay and climb while not feeling crowded.” Momentum welcomes all and asks them to join the rock climbing community.