More Than Just A Janitor

By Chloe Larsen - Copy Editor

Think you know the man driving the floor-cleaning cart up and down the halls after school? All of our Lone Peak staff are constantly hard at work, but janitor Douglas Sharp keeps his imagination sharp while buffing floors and replacing light bulbs. Sharp says the manual labor gives him a lot of thinking time, which he uses to create stories in his head.

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“There are times when I’m sweeping or scrubbing floors and it gives me time to think,’’ Said, Douglas Sharp one of Lone Peak’s head janitors, then added, “Even in times when I’m not writing I can think where my story is going.’’ Sharp is in the process of writing The Soul Link Chronicles trilogy. The second book, Remnants, was recently released in early September and the third is being written.

The story focuses a society where magic has been hidden for centuries. Until, an average teenager girl, Rebecca Bray’s magic ‘wakes up’ one day. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, Llyr Loegaire was sent from otherworldly beings to kill the novice magic user. Throughout the first story, Llyr and Rebecca’s relationship grows and they eventually create a ‘’soul link’’. The first book, Descendant, is action-packed, while the second, Remnants, focuses primarily on the bonding of Llyr and Rebecca. 


The idea for the story appeared randomly while he was using the bathroom; an image of a man holding a gun to his head emerged. Sharp called this image a “catalyst”. He started asking questions such as ‘’Why is this man doing this and  what can I do to stop him?’’ With this visual, he built the first upon the premise.

Sharp prefers to not use outlines because he doesn’t usually sticks to them. The best writing advice Sharp gave is to develop characters before continuing the story. “The important thing I find about writing, is [to] know your characters well enough so you can just follow them in the story, “ said Sharp. He explained that, as the author, you put obstacles in the characters paths. If you have fully developed and well-rounded you characters, you’ll know how a character would react in a situation according to their personalities. 

Fans of fantasy novels might be interested in this series, which rated a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon as of early October.