I went to see Coco on November 24, 2017. This movie is so good! The animation, the singing and music, the story, everything about this movie was so amazing. 
    The movie revolves around Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and the Land of the Dead. Disney showed this holiday beautifully and as accurately as possible. During the early stages of the movie, for research they went to Mexico to see the traditions, foods, music, and learn so much more about Mexico and the Day of the Dead. In the movie, there were altar-like Ofrendas (Offerings)  in everyone’s house and there was a ton of marigolds all throughout the village. There were thick paths of marigold flower petals on the ground so that everyone’s ancestors wouldn’t get lost on their way back to the living world. The movie also included many more Day of the Dead traditions.
    Imagine that you want to be an amazing musician, but your family wants you to be a shoemaker, and music is forbidden because your great-great-grandfather left his wife and daughter to be a musician. This is how Miguel Rivera (played by Anthony Gonzalez) feels about music. He wants to become a musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, more than anything. However, when he asks his family if he can enter a talent show, his grandmother smashes his handmade guitar right in front of him. Miguel runs off to steal the guitar from Ernesto de la Cruz’s mausoleum to play in the show, but right after grabbing the guitar, Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead. After arriving there, Miguel finds out that he needs his great-great-grandmother’s blessing to return back to the living world. His great-great-grandmother has one condition: Miguel can’t be a musician.  
    Later in the movie, Miguel finds out that his great-great-grandfather was actually poisoned by Ernesto so that Ernesto could keep the music that they made together, Miguel tells his dead ancestors what happened. After realizing that her husband didn’t leave to become a musician, Miguel’s great-great-grandmother forgives her husband. Then she gives Miguel her blessing to go back to the living world on one condition; that Miguel never forgets how much his family loves him. 
    The theme/message of the movie is about how family supports each other, which I think is a very important message for a kids’ movie. 
I give this movie a 10 out of 10, because of how accurate the movie was culturally and because of all of the tiny details that the crew put into the movie.