These are some of the upcoming days that you should prepare for. Of course there are the big ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas but these are some fun days to watch out for. Most of the dates revolve around food but what else would you expect… everyone loves food. Make sure you have all of the necessary foods in stock at home for when these days come around on the calendar.

November 23rd - National Espresso Day
November 25th - National Parfait Day
November 28th - French Toast Day

December 1st - Eat a Red Apple Day
December 7th - Letter Writing Day
December 8th - National Brownie Day
December 13th - National Ice Cream Day
December 14th - National Monkey Day
December 17th - Maple Syrup Day
December 21st - Look on the Bright Side Day
December 24th - National Chocolate Day
December 26th - Boxing Day
December 28th - Card Playing Day