There’s been a lot of talk around school about the change in tardy policies. No doubt you’ve heard that something is different with the protocol for tardiness, but what exactly has changed? We’re here to clear up any confusion and to set the record straight.

    The first change, one you’ve probably already heard of, is the decision to get rid of the “very tardy” option when marking attendance. Instead, when you arrive more than 15 minutes late to class, you will be marked absent. This is a considerable change from last year’s policy, which stated that you could be marked absent after missing half of a given class’ 80 minute time period. So why such a drastic change? This new policy is probably meant to encourage us Lone Peak students to get to class on time, using a little tough love. Giving us a stricter margin of error may prove helpful in creating motivation to not be tardy.

     Another new addition to the attendance policy: your tardies can no longer be excused by a parent or guardian. This is also a big change to last year’s policy, one that could be as important to your attendance as the change mentioned above.

     If you miss a class, have your parent excuse it through the attendance office via a signed note, phone call or, if they wish, they can excuse it in person. Try to get any absences you have excused as soon as you can. An unexcused absence more than 2 weeks old will be more difficult for you to excuse, and may require a meeting with the administration to get approval.

     The attendance thresholds remain the same, allowing four tardies, four excused absences, and no unexcused absences before you are given a No Credit (NC) marking for that class. As long as the NC is on your record, you will not receive credit for the class that term.

    However, you have a few options when it comes to clearing NC’s. You can work with the teacher of the class in which you have an NC and arrange a way to make up the hours required. If you are having difficulties understanding the concepts taught in your classes, the Student Academic Center (SAC) can help tutor you and simultaneously help you make up attendance hours, with pre-approval by LP administration.

     Attendance school is another option available to you for clearing NCs. (see attendance office for scheduling details, including when and where attendance school is during the week). In addition to all this, you have the option to attend one school activity per term to make up attendance hours.

     It’s vital to know all the venues for attendance make up if you want to have a successful and productive school year. Nobody’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean your grades have to suffer for it. Make up your attendance before unexcused absences build up, because they can be a burden if you don’t stay on top of them.

     If anything in this article is unclear, all the information mentioned in this article is available to you in your student handbook, or on the school website under the “LPHS Resources” tab. Or, if you can’t find what you need to know there, don’t hesitate to contact the attendance office.